10 Most Profitable Areas For Land Investment In Nairobi

10 Most Profitable Areas For Land Investment In Nairobi

When buying property land in Kenya, location is one of the important
factors to consider Importance
of location in real estate purchase
always seem most underestimated yet it
is what translates into profitability for the investment. The Hass consult has revealed
most profitable areas you can invest in land and have high returns within a
very short period of time. Despite the high prices, the occupation is also high
and this provides an opportunity for investors looking to put up rental
apartments or put up houses for sale.  There so many best
places to invest in real estate in Nairobi

These are the most profitable areas in Nairobi suburbs that
you can consider investing in.

1.       Karen

Karen is a high-end neighborhood in Nairobi located
approximately 16 km South West of the Nairobi CBD. It was predominantly a
residential area but relaxation of zoning regulations has seen an increase in
commercial developments, the most notable ones being The Hub Mall along
Dagoretti Road, Galleria Mall at the junction of Magadi and Lang’ata Road and
the recently opened, Karen Waterfront along Lang’ata Road.

 In terms of land for development, Karen remains relatively
affordable for developers in the high-end market. During the first quarter of
2021, an acre of land in Karen was selling at Ksh62.8 million. As the year came
to a close, the same acre of land was selling at Ksh64.4 million – indicating a
Ksh1.6 million spike.

2.       Kileleshwa

Kileleshwa is one of the oldest estates in Nairobi, a middle
classs suburb to live in. Kenton College, an international primary school, is
located here. There are no supermarkets but dukas sell essentials such as fresh
fruit, bottled water, toilet paper, painkillers, milk and bread. The beautiful Nairobi Arboretum, which
is popular with families and prayer groups on Sunday, divides Kileleshwa from
the city centre. Investors looking for high return investment avenues have an
opportunity here. An acre of land rose from Ksh231.3 million to Ksh232 million

3.       Muthaiga

Muthaiga is about 2.5 miles northeast of Nairobi City
Center. On the north, it is largely surrounded by the Karura, the city’s
largest urban forest. Limuru Road and the Mathare River are on the southern
side, and the Thika Super Highway and Kiambu Road are on the east. Six
Parklands Avenue form the western border. It is  Nairobi’s most-affluent neighborhood, offering
Privacy and lush landscapes. Some of Kenya’s wealthiest business owners live in
this area with close proximity to the city center.  it’s  a very prime place those with wealth and
social standing want to own property.

Muthaiga indicated an increase of Ksh3.7 million (from
Ksh185.7 million to Ksh189.4 million).  

4.       Parklands

Parklands, is a neighbourhood in the city of Nairobi, the
capital and largest city in Kenya. It is divided into numbered avenues. The
name arises from the proximity of the area to City Park, Nairobi.

Parklands indicated an increase of Ksh9.9 million – with the
price skyrocketing from ksh 375 million to ksh 384.9 million. 

5.       Nyari

Nyari is a suburb located at Red Hill Road, Red Hill Drive ,Nairobi.
It’s the on of the best areas you can consider investing in

Nyari was the best performing suburb with prices increasing
by 7.18 per cent 

6.       Spring Valley

Spring Valley is located beyond Westlands and it is a
beautiful neighbourhood surrounded by trees and a natural environment. Local amenities are convenient and
accessible to residents with shopping centres, sporting venues and
entertainment spots in close proximity. The roads are well-maintained and
most of the developments sit on mature gardens that are ideal for those who
enjoy the peace and serenity that Mother Nature provides.

Spring Valley recorded the highest price increase in the
final quarter (2.2 per cent).

7.       UpperHill

Upper Hill is
a district of the city of Nairobi, with several multinational corporations setting up offices.  In the 2000s, as land and office space became
scarce and exorbitantly priced in the central business district, businesses
relocated to Upper Hill and Westlands, where land and office space were
more readily available and less expensive. Today, Upper Hill possesses a new
modern skyline that is still being filled by modern skyscrapers of different
and prestigious designs in the architectural world

An acre in UpperHill is the most expensive in the city at
Ksh509.7 million

8.       Westlands

Westlands is located approximately 5.9 km North-western of
Nairobi CBD and is accessible via Chiromo Road. The area is surrounded by upper
middle-income neighborhoods such as Parklands, Riverside, Kileleshwa and Spring
Valley it  is one of the most vibrant and
fastest-growing districts in the upmarket area of Nairobi. The area of focus is
well endowed with both infrastructure and amenities such as good roads,
hospitals, education institutions, shopping malls, restaurants, and financial
institutions. It is is well developed and connected,
hence the demand for land is high whiles the supply is limited.

Westlands had an acre of land hit Ksh191.1 million in
December 2021 from the initial price of Ksh30.3 million in December 2007.

9.       Lang’ata

Lang’ata is a predominantly middle-class residential suburb
of Nairobi. It lies southwest of the city’s central
business district, east of  karen, approximately 18 kilometers  by road, from the centre of Nairobi. The suburb consists of many smaller
housing developments, estates which include Nairobi Dam, Otiende, Southlands,
Ngei, Jambo estate, Onyonka, Madaraka Estate, Kutch Prant, Rubia, NHC
Langata, Akiba, Sun Valley, Royal Park and many others. These developments are
primarily maisonettes or apartment blocks. Wilson Airport, the largest private airport in Kenya, is found
in Lang’ata. Strathmore university,the Nairobi japanesse school main campus of catholic
university of east Africa and brookhouse school are found in Lang’ata. It is
fairly a good place for real estate investment

Lang’ata recorded an increase in prices gaining 6.1 per cent
from ksh63.7 million an acre in 2020 to Ksh67.6 million last year

10.   Kilimani

Kilimani is
an affluent neighborhood in the city of Nairobi. State House Nairobi, the
official residence of the President of Kenya is located in Kilimani, on State
House Road. Kilimani Primary School, Milimani
Primary School, St Hannah’s School, St. Nicholas School, St Christophers
School, Cavina School are all located in the neighborhood .The Lycée Denis
Diderot, the French international school, is in Kilimani. Adam’s Arcade is the oldest shopping
centre of its kind in Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya, as well as East and Central
Africa as a whole. The Nairobi
Arboretum, featuring more than 300 exotic and indigenous tree species, is
located in Kilimani, adjacent to State House

The land prices in Kilimani per acre have changed from 114M
in 2011 to 385M in 2021 and it’s currently at 413.1M. The significant change
has been brought about by the development of infrastructure and social
amenities in the area.

However, the report indicates that the satellite towns have
had land values increase 9.61 times since December 2007, compared to Nairobi
suburbs where land values have increased by only 6.32 fold despite being the
priciest.  The satellites includes,  Ruaka ,that recorded the highest land value
where an acre costs an average of Ksh89.1 million followed by Kiambu town at
Ksh39.3 million, Mlolongo Ksh31.4 million, and Ruiru Ksh26.9
million. These are the area that you can also consider owning a land

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