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15 billion Kisumu Muhoroni road set to open up the region

Kisumu-Chemelil-Muhoroni road would open up the area after three Chinese
companies were awarded a Sh15.87 billion contract to build it.

China Railways Tenth Group, Sinohydro Company Limited, and H-Young Company
Limited were granted the contract, according to Samwel Kumba, deputy director
for corporate relations at the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA).

drivers opted to take the smoother Kericho-Kisumu road through Awasi and Ahero
instead of the motorway, the contract’s award set the path for construction to
start on the 63-kilometer road.

motorists chose the smoother Kericho-Kisumu road that passes through Awasi and
Ahero instead of the freeway, the granting of the contract made it possible for
construction to start on the 63-kilometer road.

road’s construction began at Mamboleo, the Kisumu-Kakamega (A1) route’s
intersection, and will continue through Miwani, Chemelil, and Muhoroni until
coming to an end at Kapsitet Junction, where it connects to the Kericho-Kisumu

“Works on the key road
started in June after the firms bagged the contracts. The contract sum is
Sh5.19 billion for lot I, Sh4.96 billion for lot II and Sh5.72billion for lot
III,” Mr Kumba told 
Business Daily on Thursday.

Company Limited will build the second lot, which will run from Miwani to
Chemelil, and H-Young Company will manage the third lot, which will run from
Chemelil to Kipsitet.

numerous delays, the project eventually got underway, and it will take three
years to finish.

road that runs through the counties of Kisumu, Nandi, and Kericho was
constructed in the early 1960s, but it is now impassable.

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