2 Alternative Marketing Strategies for Real Estate in Kenya

Alternative marketing strategies for real estate usually have the potential for lead generation. When marketing your real estate business, it’s important to diversify your marketing strategies. 

This blog explains two marketing strategies that most people in the real estate sector don’t use regularly. Due to technology growth, investors have implemented some digital ways and forgotten about others. 

Indeed, most investors focus on real estate websites and social media where they advertise their listings. However, it’s important to follow a blueprint of proven means to generate leads. You can read our other marketing blogs to help set up your real estate business.

2 Alternative Marketing Strategies in Kenya

Automated Email Marketing

Before email marketing, there was physical mail that companies would send to their targeted audience. The companies would send individual messages to leads at their physical address. It was so direct that the recipient would receive the mail from their postal address. 

However, the cost of sending those mails is very expensive, especially for small real estate investors. 

Technology has advanced, and it’s easy to send thousands of emails within a few minutes. Most people who do online marketing forget the power of email marketing campaigns. As a result, they focus more on listing on websites and social media platforms, which many investors are already using.

With an automated email marketing strategy, you can create different categories of target clients and divide them into their specific locations. In addition, you can go further and classify them into the three buyer stages

The good thing about this alternative marketing strategy for real estate in Kenya is that you can create automation for new subscribers in your list. Since the new subscribers are in the awareness stage, you won’t send them messages for those in the decision stage.

Automated email marketing also allows you to send mail to different groups of clients within their time zones. As a result, you’ll be sure to target the right clients at the right time.

This marketing strategy can help you in lead generation for your real estate business in Kenya. 

Distribution of Brochures and business cards

Although this marketing strategy might be tiring, it usually bears positive results. To succeed with this alternative marketing strategy in Kenya, you first invest in printing out brochures and business cards. 

This method may seem to be a wasted effort at first, but you’ll start getting leads in the long run. However, you have to attend seminars, regardless of the seminar type, and auction halls to distribute the cards. 

Always ensure that the cards have your name and contact. While the brochures should have clear images of your properties and their locations. Again, don’t forget to include your contact information.

Indeed, distributing these leaflets can see you get your next client. However, be patient because not all cards you distribute mean you have a potential lead. Some people forget about the cards and maybe dump them knowingly or unknowingly. However, persistence is the key, and you will eventually have your clients.

The benefits of alternative marketing strategies for real estate

Increased reach

By using alternative marketing strategies, you can reach a much wider audience when you use them together with the commonly used ones. Alternative marketing strategies use online and offline channels to reach potential buyers.


Alternative marketing strategies are often more cost-effective than the commonly used marketing strategies for real estate. With alternative marketing methods,  you can tailor your marketing campaigns to target specific audiences, saving you money in the long run.


With an automated email marketing strategy, you can save a lot of time and automate many of the messages. Therefore, you can spend more time working on other aspects to improve your income property business.


Alternative marketing strategies are very flexible, so you can tailor them to suit your specific needs. For instance, you can write different messages to different groups of audiences with email marketing. However, with social media, you cannot filter who can not see your advertisement. 

Challenges of Marketing Strategies for Real Estate in Kenya

The lack of an efficient and centralised system for marketing and listing properties. This makes it difficult for potential buyers to find the right property and for real estate agents to market their properties effectively.

High cost of advertising. Traditional advertising methods, such as newspapers and television, are very expensive. The budget is often beyond the reach of small and medium-sized real estate businesses, which makes it difficult for them to reach a wide audience.

The Bottom Line

Real estate alternative marketing strategies in Kenya positively impact your business. However, you should be more persistent and aggressive in doing your marketing to achieve tangible results.

In addition, don’t forget to incorporate other means in your real estate marketing. Remember, the main goal is lead generation. Therefore, read more of our marketing topics to help you build your real estate business in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I market my real estate business in Kenya?

The best way to reach more people is by using every marketing strategy that produces results. The more aggressive your marketing is, the more you’ll generate leads.

How can I excel in the real estate business?

Apart from choosing the right location with high demand, you should also get involved in community issues. Always show up or send someone to represent you in public gatherings. In addition, try as much as possible to help people with the right information, and soon you’ll gain a following, possibly potential clients.

Can content marketing help me build a real estate business?

You can gain a huge following due to helpful content if you do it well. In addition, you should have the knowledge to convert your audience into leads and buyers.

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