5 Basic but very crucial Clients’ Expectation From Real Estate Agents

Going for a site visit is not enough. There is a way you should treat your potential clients. If you want to turn your potential client to a client, you must develop a relationship with them. Here are some fundamentals

1.       Trustworthiness

Trust is earned by demonstrating your honesty and integrity. If you lose it it’s gone forever and that means you will your customer’s confidence. The very first thing in the buying process is winning trust of your potential buyers. A buyer who trusts you is more likely to close a deal with you but they must trust you at every stage. They don’t want to be enticed by your profile then feel blindsided by changes to mortgages, financing and may be housing regulations. If you lose your chance once, you can hardly get a second one. Make sure you are truthful during your first meet up and in the whole real estate process. This will help you to build your brand’s reputation. See ways of becoming a trusted real estate profession

2.       Consistent communication

Communication takes the lead in most things that you do as a real estate agent. It’s beyond just saying a couple to things to convince a buyer. What buyers want is a consistent communication. When we talk of a consistent communication, we don’t mean automated communication but a communication that gives your clients a human touch. It’s about relating necessary information about the buying process to a first time home buyer to negotiating and closing the deal.  It’s important to determine your client’s preferred method of communication and frequency. Some want a regular phone call, others prefer emails while others prefer a text. Use that to your advantage. That’s not enough, you should move from talking to listening to you. Listening makes your customers feel like you are connected and understand their feelings. It’s actually a communication skill. Learn communication skills that you should acquire as a real estate agent.

3.       A knowledgeable agent

If you want to be successful in real estate industry you must be an expert in real estate advice. They expect you to explain what they need to know and why, before they need it. Your clients don’t know much about real estate. They expect you to give answers to all there. Whether the require a home inspection, how earnest money works, what is a mortgage and how does it work, what is your list-to-price ratio among other questions. They will want to know about the neighborhood, about the areas amenities and no matter the question you should have an answer. Simply have an ability to take away all their confusion

4.       An agent who Stick to schedule

One of the areas where your clients are unforgiving is when you waste their time. That client is in waiting and you must acknowledge that. It gets back to communication. If you are going to be late, call the customer. If you can’t deliver a product on time, let them know. If you’ve got no news, call them to let them know you’ve got no news. Serve your customers in a way that they will feel your respect for their time. It is essential to set up an effective scheduling system for your client. Coordinate appointments in a way that you will not manage all of them. If you are that forgetful person looks for an online service that will help you in appointment scheduling for both you and your clients. When proposing appointment times, offer 2-3 options your potential customers are likely to be happy with, especially if the meeting involves more than one participant. With this you will have earned a good reputation more customers will seek you out.

5.       Quick response

How quickly you response to your customers really matters not only in real estate industries but also in all business industries. The faster you’re able to respond to your leads, the more likely you can send them further down your sales funnel to convert. It actually makes your potential clients feel important. When you don’t responds quickly to your customers they will definitely stop doing business with you.

Statistics show that businesses who respond to leads in five minutes or less are more likely to connect and convert opportunities. Learn more on lead response time and how to calculate leads response time


If your clients are tough you have to go an extra mile. Strike the right balance between professionalism and friendliness. Don’t step out of their limits. If they are not interested in the said property, suggest alternatives to them. See also tips to handle difficult clients in real estate

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