How Premier Agent helps you succeed as a real estate agent in Kenya

How Premier Agent helps you succeed as a real estate agent in Kenya

Over the past decade, the real estate sector in Kenya has become increasingly
digital. Consumers are going online at a rapid pace to look for information to
support their buying decisions
. Nine out of ten home buyers today rely on
the internet as one of their primary research sources. Additionally, 
51 Percent of purchasers turn to the web as their
first step in the buying process. 
today’s complex, rapidly changing, and digitally driven media
 environment, capturing a buyer’s attention to build
a real estate business is
than ever.

Having a well-developed brand and strong
online presence should be important to any real estate professional.
 This is where we come in to help you.
We provide you with a unique platform to network with other real estate, gain
more brand exposure and build credibility as a trusted resource in the real
estate sector in Kenya. We do this by:

1. Building Your Online presence

In a recent study by
Zillow Group, 87 percent of home buyers surveyed indicated that they used an
online resource when searching for homes.  Given the overwhelming online
trend, it’s more important than ever that you showcase your diverse skills so
that consumers 
can find you quickly and easily. We give you the ability to
show all products that you have for sale- both current and past listings, all
in one place. 
sales demonstrate your local market expertise and experience. Customers use
this criteria to choose the right agent to contact. Make sure every transaction
you have done is uploaded to your agent profile. 

By using Premier Agent website, you can showcase your experience
in the industry and be contacted easily.When
you log in to your profile, you can then update your professional bio. Your
professional bio is a great way to connect with potential clients and showcase
your credibility and the value of your services. Use this section to highlight
specialties, expertise, credentials, accomplishments and memberships.

Brand building: How to Grow a Real Estate Brand

2. Helping you gain and showcase your network

You’ve heard it a million times and know from experience that
real estate is all about relationships. You network to build your sphere of
influence and connect with new people. 
34 percent of
all sales are done by two agents working together. By listing with us, it makes
other real estate agents in Kenya to 
find and contact you
in our agent finder platform. If you are close to 5 other agents, we provide
you with the ability to multiply this. Just to remind you of the old saying-
your network is your net worth.

3. Collating your reviews in one place

Reviews have arguably the largest impact on your
profile effectiveness. Customers want to work with a professional who has
received praise from other buyers and sellers.

Take a minute and search for yourself on Google. Try
entering your name, followed by the phrase “real estate”. What kind of results
popped up? If you’re like most agents, you likely found a few links to your
social media profiles
 or your
personal real estate website.

Now put yourself in the mindset of someone looking to buy or sell
their home. Maybe they came across your name in a property listing, or perhaps
they are friends with one of your past clients. Either way, would your online
presence be enough to convince you to hire yourself?

buyers put a high level of value on finding an agent that’s honest and
trustworthy. Similarly, older buyers are looking to work with someone with a
positive reputation and extensive knowledge. If you’re not known for being an
honest, reliable and knowledgeable agent, you’re at a severe disadvantage to
your competition.

4. Helping you develop personal websites

While we work very hard to ensure that we give you the best online presence, you may find that a personal website if still necessary. This is because you may want to share more information about yourself than just what you can share on our website.

Your personal website can be the backbone of your entire online
presence. When prospective clients search for you, it’s probably going to be
one of the first things they see. Your website’s sole purpose is to promote
your brand and business, and as such it should be designed to generate results.
 You must have noticed our website
is easy to use. If you need such a website, we have readymade templates that can
be customized to your needs so that we can get you online quickly.

5. Social media support

Social media has made it much easier for the average real
estate professional to increase their exposure without drastically increasing
their marketing budget. Although it’s next to impossible to keep track of all
the social media platforms out there, the most popular sites to focus on
include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
 We can help you develop
content to keep
fans, followers and connections engaged. 
This allows you to concentrate on other
aspects of your business.

6. Helping you create a blog. 

Delivered on a consistent basis, compelling and engaging blog content can attract any number of followers and
increase your online presence. A blog gives you a voice and identity. It can
help you 
connect with
potential clients
letting them know who you are, what your values are, and what you’re most
knowledgeable about. Writing a blog post doesn’t have to be difficult — you can
share your message in 
six easy steps.

Once you register and log in to your account, you can create articles that
showcase your experience in the real estate sector in Kenya.
creating blogs, you gain credibility of your abilities and build a network of
clients that depend on your knowledge. You can read blogs created by other
agents in our 
blog page.


At the end of the day, your personal brand is going to continue to define
itself whether you intentionally contribute to its development and growth. If
you want to set yourself up for success, you need to take control of your
personal brand and frame it so that it fits in with your professional goals and
ambitions. With consumers having such widespread access to information, one of
the most dangerous things to your business isn’t having a negative online
reputation – it’s having no real online presence at all.

By registering and listing your properties with us, we
can work together to ensure you get a better online presence, gain more
exposure which increases the possibilities of increasing your sales. 

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