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Alert issued by Ministry of Land after Title Deeds Security Breach via e-citizen

The government has warned Kenyans about
illegal land searches on the eCitizen portal, despite the fact that the
Ministry of Lands does not provide the service on the platform.

Farida Karoney Ministry issued a warning to Kenyans informing them to be
cautious of scammers who were using illegal searches to carry out land
transactions, as published in the local dailies.

searches using the eCitizen platform were stopped in 2021, according to the

it stated that the only legal way to search for land was through the Ardhisasa
platform, which President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the last year.

have noted with great concern that there are illegal land searches purporting
to emanate from the e-Citizen platform in circulation. Kindly note that
Ardhisasa searches are issued in accordance with form LRA 85 as per regulation
86 of Land Registration (General) Regulations, 2017.

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Ardhisasa digital platform enables citizens and investors to search and carry
out various land transactions at the click of a button,” read the
Ministry’s notice in part.

Ministry further noted that people could authenticate land searches by
verifying the details on the certificate.

search certificate clearly indicates that it has been issued from the Ardhisasa

to the Ministry of Lands, “Land-related services can be accessed through
Ardhisasa digital platform on
ardhisasa(dot)lands(dot)go(dot)ke for Nairobi Land Registry.”

government started to digitize land transactions in 2021 with the goal of
simplifying the land transaction process. Before being implemented in other
counties, the platform was first tested in Nairobi.

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platform, according to the head of state, would dismantle cartels that were
defrauding Kenyans of their hard-earned money and land.

system will solve the land issue because it will offer an accessible,
up-to-date, and verified database of land records.

the platform launch in 2021, Uhuru said, “The system will ensure investors
and people dealing with land are not met with warning signs such as “Plot
not for sale,” “danger,” and “Trespassers will be


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