Guide to the procedure for amalgamation of plots in Kenya

Guide to the procedure for amalgamation of plots in Kenya

Amalgamation involves the combination of two or more pieces of land that are under separate titles into one piece of land with only one title. Amalgamation renders the title deeds for the various sub-units null and
void by merging them into one new title deed.

Amalgamation is the opposite of
subdivision which is the process of dividing one piece of land to several
plots. In case you missed it, you can read more about the process
of subdividing land to numerous plots

of amalgamation of land involves the drafting of an amalgamation/subdivision plan/scheme
showing the plots to be combined. The investor, through a registered physical
planner makes an application to the County Government through filling in PPA 1
form attaching the plan/scheme and a planning brief explaining why the
amalgamation or subdivision is in line with the policy. The requisite fee will
be paid to the County government and the receipt annexed to the planning Brief
presented to the County Government.


For amalgamations, you need to include:

  1. Dully
    filled P.P.A 1 forms in triplicate submitted and signed by a Registered Physical
  2. Amalgamation/Subdivision
    Scheme (5 Blue prints and 1 Linen print)
  3. Planning
    Brief by a Registered Physical Planner (signed accordingly)
  4. Ownership
    documents (Title Deed)
  5. Comprehensive
    Location Plan
  6. Application
    fee receipt
  7. Rates
    payment receipts

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Professional & Statutory Costs

The Statutory & Professionals Costs involved for the
amalgamation/subdivision application are particularized below:

  1. Application
    fee (Fee is charged per plot subdivided or amalgamated and varies in
    different counties)
  2. PPA 1
    form fee (Is always Ksh.1000 in all counties)
  3. Professional
    Fee (Depends on the size of the project and the area the property is


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