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Guidelines on safety and security during elections

As Kenyans, we are now entering the 6th general
election cycle since the introduction of the multi-party democracy in Kenya. In
the past elections, there have been to a certain degree cases of electoral disturbances.


To ensure you are safe, here are some tips for

Do not engage in emotive political arguments in

Whatever your
political affiliations avoid engaging in emotive arguments about the
politicians you are supporting as this more often than not
ends up in
physical fights.

Avoid staying out late

The election period
in various countries of the world, may be a time for violence to develop;
therefore it is appropriate that you do not stay out late.

Always keep yourself updated on the current on-goings:            

Stay up to date
with daily news from trusted
sources. Regularly update your colleagues and family
regarding the
situation and get updates from them
as well.

Minimize travel during Elections Period

Traveling during
the election period may put you at risk due to pockets of civil unrest s which
may ensue in different parts of the country.

Stock up Your Home with Food and Water and other
needed items.

It is vital to
store up the house with all the food stuff and ingredients that are needed
to avoid
unnecessary outings to the markets and malls. Ensure you have enough cash,
telephone credit and car fuel.

Once you are done casting your vote go home.

One of the ways
to stay secure during elections is by returning home after casting your vote.
Staying back with other supporters after casting your vote may
expose you
to risk
if there is civil unrest.

Celebrate in a Civil Manner

If after the
elections your candidate wins, then
you must celebrate in a civil manner.

Do Not engage in Pre or Post-Election Violence

Do not allow
yourself to be used by politicians to perpetrate election violence.

When driving ensure that your central lock is

Always ensure
that your car doors are locked when driving especially in areas with heavy

Hospitals and Prescription Medication 

Ensure you are
aware of your closest hospital delivering emergency room services. If you need
prescription medication, ensure that you have adequate stocks.

Emergency Transport   

Ensure you know
where to access a vehicle for transport in the event of an emergency. Should
the situation escalate, pack a bag with essential items and important personal
documents and keep it within reach to facilitate quick movement to a safe

Surveillance – Know your neighborhood.

A good sense of
what is normal and what is unusual in your surroundings could be more important
than any other type of security precaution you may take. Above all, do not
hesitate to report to the police numbers 999 / 112 / 911 any unusual event.

More guidance is available here

Security Preparedness

Remember to stay safe

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