Home Inspection in Real Estates: 7 Main Benefits To Both Homebuyers and Sellers

Home Inspection in Real Estates: 7 Main Benefits To Both Homebuyers and Sellers

It is very important to examine the current condition of a
home before selling (for home sellers)and before purchase (for home buyers). Below
are main advantages of having a home inspection.

1.       Helps homebuyers understand the current
condition of the home

It’s obvious that every homebuyer want to enjoy the home at
its best, feeling secured, without thinking if there are hidden issues that
need to be taken care of. That’s the main reason why you need to do home inspection
before purchasing. Your home inspector will help you gain a more in-depth
understanding of the condition
of the home
, from the foundation to the attic and from the mechanical systems
to appliances. By clearly seeing the real condition of the home, it gives you
the security that you are making a wise purchase.

2.       Provides an extra level of security

Buying a home is a big decision for any person so it is
important to have it evaluated first. A home Inspection makes buyers feel
certain about their purchase. It makes them feel happy, satisfied and secured. If
the house is well maintained the buyer will have a peace of mind.

3.       Price Negotiations benefit to the buyer

After home inspection, the home inspector provides the buyer
with a detailed report, which summarizes all of their findings. A home inspection
report will reveal issues both large and small. Critical issues such as faulty
wiring or a leaky roof should take priority over minor issues. The report may
give you the bargaining power to talk down the price if they still want the
home, the home buyer will usually request that the seller complete specific
repairs or reduce the price. If you are not interested, you can also language
into a purchase contract that allows you to back out of an agreement if the
inspection turns up problems.


4.       Helps the seller factor maintenance cost

Most inspection reports will include a charge of deferred
maintenance. Deferred maintenance is a calculation of the maintenance costs
you’ll need to pay in the future if ever the inspected parts break down. The
condition of the house, that is, the scale of the damages, is what determines
the maintenance cost. Through site inspection you will be able to approximate
future repair costs.

5.       It saves money

It’s obvious that homebuyers will do a home inspection
before making a decision to purchase the house. It is therefore very important
for real estate agents to do a home inspection before selling a house. These
repairs can save you money in the long run. Money spent on improvements now
will be far less than the cost of that first price reduction if your house sits
on the market. You will be safe from risk of a buyer asking for concessions and
credits for items you didn’t fix, and the quotes from experts doing the work
will almost certainly be higher than your own out-of-pocket cost. Sometimes
when a buyer’s inspector finds these defects, they want to have their own
contractors fix the problems with the home, but on the seller’s dime. This
often results in contractors hired for more money than they should be, with
preferences that the buyer wants and that aren’t always necessary.  If your house is well maintained to will be able
to comfortably settle on the price that even the buyer will not really negotiate.
See the most
important thing to repair before selling a house.

6.       Helps buyers gain credibility and trust
from buyers

One of the main goals that professionals in real estate can
gravitate toward is establishing credibility and being looked at as a
trustworthy resource. Home inspection is one of the ways of establishing credibility
when you provide real insight about the property construction quality and
conditions through the home inspection; you will have built credibility to the
buyers. A well maintained house makes a homebuyer feel more positive about the
home purchase.

It hastens the selling process

Home inspection offers immediate and long-term benefits to
the seller, especially in avoiding deal-breakers. After a proper home
inspection and necessary repairs are done, it easy to sell the house with
minimal setback. The buyer will not hesitate to buy a perfect a house. You may
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of buying and selling property in Kenya


It’s a duty of every real estate agent to make sure that a
home is really wonderful. To find a reputable inspector, first ask friends who
have recently purchased a home whether they recommend the person they used. If that
doesn’t help, see how
to choose a home inspector.

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