How Ardhisasa will curb fraud on land transactions.

How Ardhisasa will curb fraud on land transactions.

is a very important resource in our country. 
The issues of land have been very emotive because it has not been well
managed. There has been fraud, manipulation and grabbing of government land by
senior people in the government. The Ardhisasa has protected the government
land from looters. The old manual had loopholes which fraudsters, impersonators
and middlemen capitalized on to take bribe. Speaking on how effective Ardhisasa
platform will stop fraud in land sector, Land cabinet secretary, Farida Karoney
said she has confidence in the system. “We have built a very safe and secure
platform with highly encrypted data, making it one of the most secure systems
ever developed. Ardhisasa will restrict transactional powers to professionals
registered with their respective bodies, and prompt users and professionals to
demonstrate fidelity to the law,” the CS said.

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of files into the Ardhisasa requires that all properties are georeferenced.
This makes it possible for real time monitoring and consequently will help the
government to recover government land which had been grabbed by unscrupulous

of this georeferencing and coordinate system, all fraud land will be detected
by just placing the coordinates and this will pin the parcel up to the ground.
For titles which are in the riparian land, road reserve, forest, airport or any
other public space, will be destroyed and will not be uploaded. For instance,
those who have the title registered under their name but the land belongs to
the public will not see their parcels of land uploaded on the Ardhisasa. This
means the parcel will go through cleaning to a certain the owner and how the
land was acquired.

of Ardhisasa is part of the reforms in the ministry of land that has been affected
with corruption. It involves migrating all parcels to one regime, the Registry
Index Maps (Rims).

will replace deed plans as registration instruments for land. The deed plans
have been prone to manipulation.

it is good to note that Ardhisasa was created in consideration of all laws of
Kenya therefore there cannot be any fraud when using it.

conversion of the deed plans does not interfere with boundaries as Rims are
generated from existing survey plans. The survey maps are available on request.

conversion process does not affect ownership. Your title will be replaced with
a title under the Land Registration Act, 2012.

old title will be cancelled and placed in the safe custody by the registrar.


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