How to Make Subdivision Application on Ardhisasa

How to Make Subdivision Application on Ardhisasa

The subdivision application is initiated by a licensed surveyor who must be registered on the platform.

1.      Visit  

2.      Log in to the Ardhisasa platform using your user credentials (identification number or additional ID and password).

3.      Enter your OTP (one-time password) received on your registered phone number to complete the login process.

4.      Once logged in, switch to your license surveyor account by clicking on the profile icon and selecting the professional account approved for you.

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5.      On the dashboard, you will find several departments listed under the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning.The departments include; land registration, land administration, physical planning survey and mapping, land valuation, and national land commission services.

6.      Click on the Survey and Mapping department, which is relevant to the subdivision application process. Services offered under this department include; new grants, subdivision, amalgamation, resurvey which must be conducted by a license surveyor. However, sale of plans can be conducted by any member of the public irrespective of whether the individual has a private account or a professional account.

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7.      Click on Subdivision.

8.      Under the Applications page, you will find four tabs: Pending, ongoing, approved, and rejected.

·         Pending: Applications that require further action from your side or involved parties.

·         Ongoing: Applications completed but awaiting ministry officials’ action.

·         Approved: Applications that have been validated by the relevant officials.

·         Rejected: Applications that have been rejected by the ministry officials.

7.      Click on the New Application button to start a new subdivision application.

8.      Before proceeding, familiarize yourself with the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding subdivision applications.

Requirements needed:

a)      Approval letter reference number

b)      Scheme plan (should be attached in pdf format) 

c)      Calibration certificate

d)      Raw data document

e)      Computation workbook (attached in either xls or xlsx format)

f)       Beacon certificate

g)      Survey plan document

h)      Working diagram

Note the specific file formats and extensions required for each document.

9.      Fill in the survey details, including selecting the projection type and entering the approval letter reference number.

10.  Enter the parcel number in the correct format: registry/block/parcel.

11.  Provide the date of issuance for the approval letter.

12.  Fill in the location details, including the country, sub-county, and locality where the parcel is situated.

13.  Add any additional details if necessary.

14.  Enter the date of completion of the field survey.

15.  Enter the FR (Field Reference) number for the parcel.

·         If the parcel falls within multiple FR numbers, add all of them.

·         The date of completion of instrument calibration is optional.

16.  Attach the required cadastral files in the specified formats, including the approval letter, calibration certificate, raw data document, computation workbook, scheme plan, working diagram, survey plan polygons, beacon certificate, and field notes.

17.  Ensure all files are uploaded correctly, following the format and extensions specified.

18.  Review all the details you have provided in the verified details section.

19.  If everything is accurate, click on Submit to proceed.

20.  The parcel owner will receive a notification to log in and verify the application using an OTP process.

21.  Once verified, the parcel owner will be prompted to pay the checking fee (survey fee), which is KES 1,000.

22.  The payment can be made through available methods, and upon completion, the status will change from Pending to Complete.

23.  The license surveyor will receive a notification after the parcel owner’s verification and payment.

For enquiries, please visit Ardhi House, Off Ngong Rd: P.O. Box 30450-00100, Nairobi,Kenya or email: The ministry can also be reached on phone: 0746 962239.

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