How to pay land rent on Ardhisasa

Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens, other stakeholders and interested parties to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by Government.

Assuming you already understand how to register on Ardhisasa, here is how to pay land rent on Ardhisasa

·         Visit Ardhisasa portal

·         Log in or register an account if you are new to the service.

·         Go to Services on the website

·         Under Land Administration, click on Land Rent

·         Then click on Pay Land Rent

·         Enter Title Number on the Search section using the following formats: Registration Unit/Registration Section/Parcel Number;

·         Nairobi Blocks: Nairobi/Block12/345 or Block No/Parcel Number (for example 12/245)

·         Mombasa Parcels: Mainland North (or South)/Roman Number/Parcel Number (for example MN/IV/123)

·         For other towns and municipalities: Kiambu/MunicipalityBlock1/234

·         After searching for the parcel, pending payments will be listed

·         Under Actions, click on Pay

·         Choose a Payment method (M-Pesa or M-Pesa Express) and follow the instructions given to make the payment.

·         You will receive a payment confirmation message on your phone

·         Click on Confirm to complete the transaction.

·         The payments will reflect on your account instantly!

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For enquiries, please visit Ardhi House or email: The ministry can also be reached on phone: 0743922876.

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