How to pick a perfect name and set up your real estate business in Kenya

How to pick a perfect name and set up your real estate business in Kenya

company’s name can make or break future performances because it can really help
you stand out in a crowded market
. A good name can help you to resonate with your audiences, stand out, and show people what’s
different about your business.
Your brand
name will be the first impression you give off to would-be buyers and sellers.


So whether
you’re starting from scratch
or you have already been operating and need to rebrand yourself, here are some steps you can take to find the
best real estate company names.


Use Keywords.

You may start by selecting a keyword that is either real estate related,
one that evokes good feelings. You then add the words together to create a
name. for instance:


Sunshine Real

Trusted Realtors

Hazina Real


2.    Use your names

we have cases of successful real estate companies
that uses people names. These include Pam Golding, Lloyd Masika and Knight
Frank. So, you go ahead and use your name.

Ouma Real Estate Agent

area name

If you want
to concentrate in one

local area, you can include
that area or city in your
company name. However, if you run business across the whole country, the area
name will restrict you. With time it may become an obstacle for expanding your
real estate business.

Kitengela Real Estate

Ngong Road Property Masters


Use Acronyms
for Longer Names

an acronym as a stand-in for your name can be surprisingly useful.
KFC sounds better than Kentucky Fried Chicken. Just make sure the acronym
does not make the name vague or uncertain.

Now that you have a good
name, it’s good to do additional checks

Ensure its easy
to spell and p

Keep it short

Make it memorable
and easy to recall.

Numeric characters are not allowed
for registration
unless it’s the current year e.g. (2022)

Legally, you also need to
ensure that the name you have selected:


Does not include
“co-operative”, “society” or “trade union “or any variant or synonym of those
words like Mashamba Cooperative Society.

Does not suggest an
association with, or the patronage of, the national or county government. E.g,
do not try to register Kenya Real Estate Ltd or Nyeri County Land Transfer Ltd.

the name is not
offensive to any community or ethnic or racial group.


Decide on the Business form.

Now that you are ready to
get registered, decide on the legal status of your business. Consider your
future business goals so that you choose a business structure that can accommodate
your real estate business’s growth and expansion.

– this is the most basic business entity. A
sole proprietorship means that one person is solely responsible for a business’
profits and debts.

Partnership – a
partnership is a shared responsibility between two or more people who hold
personal liability for a business.

Liability Company (LLC)
– a structure that permits
owners, partners, or shareholders to limit personal liability but still
includes tax and flexibility benefits associated with a partnership.

Corporation – this is an
entity legally considered separate from its owners. That means that
corporations are permitted to own property, be held liable, pay taxes, and
enter contracts.


Get a Registration

Armed with a name, it’s now time to ensure
that such a company is not already registered in Kenya. You do this by
performing a company name search Using
eCitizen. The process on how to conduct a business name search in Kenya is simple and straightforward.


Establish A
Web Presence

Create a real estate website  and start building your
brand all over the internet.
The website should also
include a professional email address.
It will look much more professional to communicate
with real estate prospects and clients using an email address like than your personal Gmail account. Additionally  
set up social media accounts on popular social media platforms like Facebook.

an assistant and get your
Taxes right


Find someone to
help you stay
organized, run errands and sort your
taxes on time. An assistant can help you
to record and organize your day-to-day
business and real estate transactions, keep your bank accounts balanced,
produce simple reports, and assist with keeping your financial records in
In case you do not have ability to hire, read about Real Estate Taxes in Kenya, taxation of rental income and capital gains taxes in real


In case you
want these services but do not want to hire a full-time staff, we have a
solution for you! We shall provide you with a trained real estate assistant to
help you pay your bills, maintain filing, run your errands to the lands office,
take clients for site viewing, pay
your bills while freeing you up for
more important tasks. Just give us a call on 0726982982

Office Space

An office is not necessarily required but is good to have so that you are accessible to clients. If your
capital is limited, you can get a virtual/shared office then later move to
your own office.



Choosing a creative
business name for real estate
company is one of the most
integral components of your real estate business
as its
difficult to change later.
But then getting the name right is just one part of
it. You need to set up systems as well to succeed.


remember, these are not strict rules but rather recommendations. Don’t let them
restrict you!


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