Ardhisasa is a national land information management system developed by the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning in consultation with the National Lands Commission, County Governments and other stakeholders, for Kenyans by Kenyans. This platform enables the common mwananchi to access credible, reliable and efficient land and land-based services.

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Some of these services can only be performed by a professional once they upgrade their accounts. The process of registration and navigation is, however, the same. Simple and straightforward guidelines on how to register and navigate through the system have been provided.

Quick Guide: A Guide to Registering on Ardhisasa

To understand how to register a caution on Ardhisasa, this video will help.

a verified advocate initiates registration of caution services by switching from a private to an advocate account to create a new application.

Under land registration services, click on view more where all services are listed, then select caution. then click on registration of caution.

on the list of registration applications that come up, click on new application.

Read the FAQ then proceed to the proprietors page where you will eter details like parcel number and proprietors information and then click next to move to the caution page.

Add the cautioner and describe the interest claims. Cautioner must be registered in the system.

Upload any supporting documents then confirm and verify details.

Cautioners then are requested to sign and the advocate can submit the caution for registration.

parties can then download a copy from the documents tab.

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