How To Register Real Estate Association In 4 Simple Step

Real estate association is an industry body of agents and brokers that unite for the purpose of effectively exerting combined influence upon matters affecting real estate industry.  The association can also provide trainings to other estate agents, seek to influence the government, produce market research, and operate multiple listing services for the benefit of its members.  Real estate associations operate as independent organizations with a budget and leadership approved by the members. Starting a real estate association is very easy. You can start as informal gathering and grow it to formalized arrangement with officials and membership dues and later have permanent staff.

Associations are registered under the Societies Act in Kenya by the Registrar of Societies. This is the procedure of registration.

1. Name Search: Have an official name search and secure the proposed name of the association. A name search is conducted to ascertain if proposed names are available for registration. This is a guideline on how to conduct the association name search.

2. Visit the offices of the Registrar of Societies in the Registrar General Division of the office of the Attorney General to make the application for registration. Here you will be given application forms to make the application.

These forms include;

                                i.            Application for Registration of Society Form A

                              ii.            Notification of Registered Office Or Postal Address Of A Society Form B

                            iii.            Specimen constitution for a society : Specimen constitution for a society 

3. Drafting of the Constitution. Preparation of the proposed constitution of the Society. A guideline is provided in the Act

4. Submit your application documents, society’s constitution, required documents and application fee of Ksh.2000 payment receipt to the office of registrar of societies.

Requirements for registration of a real estate association.

        i.            A list of designated members ( 10 members minimum);

      ii.            The names, occupation and postal addresses of the officials Chairman, treasurer and secretary;

    iii.            Constitution of the society which must contain name, postal address and objects of the society;

     iv.            Application form A and B each in duplicate signed by three of the officers.

       v.            Copies of the ID, PIN and Passport photo of the officials.

     vi.            Application fee of Ksh. 2000

The processing of the application takes a maximum of 120 days to be ready. If the application is approved a certificate of registration of the association is then issued. If the application does not comply with the societies rules a Notice of refusal is issued.

Every registered society shall furnish the Registrar annually, the annual returns of the previous year by filing in the prescribed form and at a prescribed fee based on the number of members of the society.

The Registrar of Societies office is located in sharia House, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi. For more information call +254-2-2227461/2251355 /0711 9445555/0732 529995 or   send an email to You can also check their website on

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