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How to start and operate Airbnb in Kenya in 2023.

Airbnb is a marketplace that offers accommodation-booking services online. The platform connects people looking for places to stay for a short while to the people who own the properties.  To start and operate an Airbnb business, you need to: –

1.   Have a Financial plan.

When venturing into this business you need to have a plan on how you will meet all the initial costs. You need to know how much you are capable and willing to spend on this business. Once you have this you will then decide to either take a loan or use your savings or your salary to meet all initial expenditures necessary.

2.   Have a home.

The most important thing to have when starting an Airbnb business is to have a home where you will be hosting your clients.

 Depending on your financial capability, you may decide to buy a home, refurbish an old one, build, or even sub-let.

3.   Sign up on Airbnb.

This being an online marketplace, you will have to create an Airbnb account online. You need an email address, phone number, and national identity.

Log in to and click sign up then follow the steps.

4.   Fill in all details about your home.

Fill in the type of your home, either an apartment, house, cabin, bed and breakfast, where it is located, and amenities available, and upload not less than 5 photos of your home as required by the platform.

5.   Pay the license fee.

To operate an Airbnb business, you need to get licensed by the body that regulates such businesses in Kenya, which is Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA). If you meet the basic requirements of starting this business you will be awarded a regulatory license.

6.   Set fees to charge.

Airbnb has a smart and automated pricing option that suggests the amount you should charge depending on the details you fill in the platform about your property.

You can also set the amount you wish to charge on the property. Once it’s set the platform will activate and you will be ready to start receiving customer requests.

7.   Have a Marketing plan.

Posting your home on Airbnb is enough to start receiving clients especially if you took these tips seriously when posting your home.

But to increase the chances of getting more clients you need to up your marketing tactics. You can use social media platforms to share photos, property details, and links or offline by printing business cards and giving them to potential customers.

Basically what you need to do is identify your potential customers and know what marketing strategy will work to get them.

8.   Consider having a co-host.

Even though a co-host will come at an expense, it is advisable to have one especially if you are busy elsewhere or the business has grown. The co-host will run operations such as communicating and receiving clients, inspecting the property, restocking amenities, and writing reviews for guests.

9.   Have a revenue management plan.

This is managing the income and all the expenses to be incurred. Expenses may include water bills, power bills, and garbage collection fees. Make sure all bills are paid in time to avoid disconnections of services.


Now that you know how and what is required to start and operate this business, check out these tips to help you get more clients.

Don’t let the opportunity to start your own Airbnb business in Kenya pass you by! Take action today and start building your own successful vacation rental business.

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