Inside Kenyatta Family’s Multi-Billion Dream City in Ruiru

Inside Kenyatta Family’s Multi-Billion Dream City in Ruiru

Kenyatta family is regarded as being the richest in Kenya. The founding
president Jomo Kenyatta is their patriarch, and their current president Uhuru
Kenyatta is a scion.

family has financial holdings in almost every industry, including banking
through shares in the NCBA Group PLC, tourism through Heritage hotels, mining,
insurance, airlines, education, agriculture, real estate, and energy.

family is growing their empire in Ruiru, Kiambu County by constructing a dream
city close to Kenyatta University.

Kenya estimates that the project will cost more than KSh 500 billion.

to its proximity to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, it is being built
as an alternative for Nairobi.

of the office buildings within the CBD are not well suited to modern business
requirements, and some businesses are now considering moving out of the
CBD,” the strategic assessment report for the city stated.

more than 11,000 acres of land, the city would be made up of residential,
commercial, and industrial buildings that could accommodate over 250,000

a key focus will be to meet the needs of the emerging middle class, different
areas will cater for older couples, families, and young professionals. Areas of
lower-cost housing will also be provided to meet the needs of low-income
earners and prevent the emergence of unplanned slum areas,” its strategic
plan states, as reported by Business Daily.

located on the property are the original family’s Gicheha farm and Brookside
Dairy Company.

acres have been set aside in the future city’s master plan specifically for the
purpose of constructing homes. On 3,134 acres will be used for low-density
housing (601 villas + 1,320 townhouses), while 306 acres will be used for
high-density housing.

the other hand, 130 acres would be covered by medium-density housing, which
would include 368 apartment buildings and 670 townhouses. There will be 3,100
townhouses and 6,980 housing units in the high-density area.

390-acre area will feature a clubhouse and a mall/hotel.

acres were allocated by the city’s architects for an industrial park, and 650
acres were set aside for a logistics park. While 1,697 acres will be used as an
open recreational area with water features on 266 acres, 65 acres will be taken
up by Brookside Dairies.

Farm set aside a larger area, 5,156 acres, for the conservation of wildlife and
the care of animals.

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