Investing in Real Estate: a Guide to Kangundo Road

“Niko na kaquarter Kangundo Road must be one of the phrases that come up often when friends call out for a chilling time at economical and affordable hotels in town. Many Kenyans would then get motivated to own either a piece of land or a house along this area. What is it about Kangundo Road that attracts real estate investors?


Kangundo road is located in Machakos County. The distance from Nairobi to Kangundo road is about 67km depending on which part of Kangundo road you are going into. it is one of the areas that is fast growing.  Consists of areas such as Joska, Kamulu, Malaa, Kantafu and Ruai among other neighboring areas. The area is about 30 minutes to 1-hour drive. This makes it considerable for people working in the city to commute. Lands in these areas are affordable and come with ready title deeds.


This area is rated high when it comes to development. In terms of land, it rates higher than the average appreciating value in other parts of the country. It has a higher demand in terms of property-houses and land. It is one of the areas that is suitable for short or long term investment. It is also associated with great infrastructure such as roads. Outering road has been a pillar to this region hence ease the traffic in and out of these towns. The Machakos County Government has also constructed roads, including from Daystar University to Kangundo-Mlolongo interchange and Kenya Meat Commission to Joska. It is also a center for commercial businesses. Banks are also part of these towns and the area is characterized by several retail shops.


There are several amenities in this area. These include, schools, hospitals, churches, supermarkets among others. The nearest renown hospital is Mama Lucy Hospital. The area has also no dominant community living in it but rather has a mixture of different communities. These areas feel like a city away from the city, that is, you get all you would need from the city at the area without the hustle of coming to Nairobi town thus making it convenience. These amenities come along with modern technology and standards.

Value of property

The value of property in Kangundo Road has been on the rise for the past few years. Initially, parcels of land did not have water provision and electricity. At the moment, they are readily available. This makes it easier for construction as well as easier in acquiring the basic needs. Research shows that Kenyans have been looking for some quiet and peaceful areas and the rate of migration from near the city to Kangundo road has been on the rise. The houses/apartments in Kangundo road are less than 3 million making it convenient and easier for young starters to have shelter for their families as it is affordable. The area is also known with great security as the estates have employed security guides to watch over them.

Bottom Line,

Kangundo road is one of the attractive places to invest in right now. It has shown potential of appreciating in value of the property and it will neither be going to drop its value soonest. The best time to invest in real estate and especially Kangundo Road is now.

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