Investing in real estate in kenya: 3 basic ways to get started

You may be wondering how you are going to start your real estate business in Kenya or the primary or fundamental ways in which you could invest in real estate in Kenya, worry no more. It may be clicking your mind about, how much money do I need to invest in the real estate or how do I even start it? That kind of confusion is almost in every sector of the business or rather when you need to start investing in real estate in Kenya. We will help you out when it comes to real estate business in Kenya and help you note the basics requirement for such type of investment.

Financial State

One of the ways to get started is to identify your financial state. Real estate investment in Kenya has different ranges of amounts to invest. As a person interested in investing in real estate business in Kenya, you need to evaluate your pockets. People start by buying a piece of land in remote areas, others start with buying a house in the middle of the town. All this however, depends on the financial capabilities of the investor. You need to understand where you lie and at least do market research on costs of properties in Kenya, which will give you a good start. According to, you need to let get your finances in order. This will help you understand what you want and eventually when you invest, you will have done it according to the way you wanted it to appear. 

Choose the type of real estate investment

Real estate investments have a wide variety. Mostly in Kenya, it is mostly stretches from land and its improvements either through investment in industrial property, residential property or commercial properties. Whichever way you choose to follow, the basic step in real estate invest in Kenya is to decide the way first. This way, it will guide you in the different researches you are supposed to follow and the least amount of money you can feed into such an investment.


While starting up your real estate business in Kenya, location matters. Location actually matters in all kinds of business. In one way or another it is influenced and again influences the target population/clients. Where your target audience is, that is the ideal location for your real estate investment in Kenya. Location also dictates the amount of money to put into your real estate investment. For example, a residential type of real estate investment in Kenya would be cheaper than industrial type of investment if placed in the same location. However, a residential type of investment would be expensive if placed in urban areas such as Nairobi when comparing to an industrial investment that are placed in remote areas. All such factors fall under the location of the investment and relates to the few things that matter a lot to real estate investments in Kenya.


These three tips are very essential in helping you get started when it comes to real estate investment in Kenya. If you are stuck or have any questions related to starting up your real estate investment in Kenya, do not hesitate to reach us through not be worried again on how you can start up a real estate investment in Kenya.

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