Lead-Generation Techniques You Should Try Today

Lead-Generation Techniques You Should Try Today

Indeed, you start a real estate business to generate leads for your property listings and rental properties. That’s why you should constantly seek lead-generation techniques to help you scale your real estate business.

It’s important to learn the methods which will help you close more real estate deals. Therefore, this blog explains rare lead-generation techniques that actually breed tangible results. 

We always provide free tips to help real estate investors and agents realise their dream goals for their properties. We also help investors find real estate agents who can help them buy or sell property in the desired location. Find a reliable real estate agent today.

4 Actionable Lead-Generation Methods for Real Estate

1. Email Segmentation

Most realtors do not understand the power of email marketing for their real estate business. That’s one reason you should incorporate email marketing into your marketing techniques to generate leads.

When doing email marketing, you should segment your market into different portions. Segmentation helps you send messages to the groups according to their stage. For instance, the buyer’s journey has the awareness stage, consideration, decision, and loyalty. 

You can segment your email list into the four stages of the buyer’s journey in the following manner.

Awareness stage

This stage consists of new email subscribers who have just learned about your real estate business and have subscribed to your mailing list.

At this stage, create an email marketing campaign explaining how they will benefit from your list. This is the time to tell them what you do in depth. 

You should always respond to any responses you get from your audience.

Consideration stage

After your email list has understood what you sell, they will contemplate whether to continue being on your list or not. Use this stage to convince them you are better than anyone else in the real estate market. Build trust with them by not trying to sell to them yet.

At this point, you’ll get to know your potential leads from the people in the consideration stage. Once you know, you can move them to the decision stage.

Decision stage

This stage allows you to send messages to potential clients who like to buy from your listings. At this point, you can send them your property listings in different locations. 

Let them know the ins and outs of the properties you list.

In addition, ensure you reply to their messages because if they accept your deals, they’ll reach out further.

The Loyalty stage

At this stage, those who like your services will likely recommend them to their friends and always come back whenever they need properties. 

At this stage, you should send them messages with offers and tell them to be free to share with friends and family. You can also follow up to know how they are doing with the property they bought from you.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking. You can create an account and build yourself as a reliable real estate agent. The people you gain in your network will be interested in property investment, whether they are potential buyers or sellers.

After building your network, ensure you always post accurate content on the real estate industry. Allow people to learn the free tips you share on your page. That will help you build trust with them, and they’ll start giving you deals later.

3. Organic SEO

Organic SEO is a great way to earn free traffic from Google and other search engines. When you have a real estate blog, you can optimise your posts for search engines. 

You should first do keyword research to know what people are searching for on Google. 

Afterwards, write content aligning with Google’s helpful content, and you’ll start getting free traffic from the search after a few months of effort.

4. Social Proof

This lead generation technique for real estate means you should show up on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc. You can build your followers on those platforms by being active and providing helpful content to them.

Grow yourself such that people brand you as a real estate agent. And once they do, they will always come to you whenever they need to know anything about property investment.

The Bottom Line

The best lead generation techniques start with branding yourself as a helpful source of anything related to real estate. People will always trust an established brand. Therefore, take time and build your real estate brand to generate leads for your listings.

We have a huge network of real estate agents in Kenya. Therefore, we can help you find a reliable agent to help you buy or sell your properties as you work on the above-mentioned lead generation techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you increase leads as a real estate agent?

You can increase your leads by reaching as many potential customers as possible. You should use multiple lead generation techniques as a real estate agent to reach a broader audience.

2. What is lead generation in real estate?

Lead generation means filling your sales funnel with people interested in buying or selling in your business. The only audience that enters the funnels is interested in doing business or learning more from you.

3. What is the first step in lead generation?

The first step in lead generation is researching your target market to know where they hang out. 

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