Mistakes When Selling Properties in Real Estate: 5 Common Pitfalls To Avoid

Mistakes When Selling Properties in Real Estate: 5 Common Pitfalls To Avoid

There are most common reason why a property fails to sell faster and these comes from common mistakes made by real estate agents. See 5 common
pitfalls to avoid.

1.       Avoid using bad photos

Your potential buyers are utilizing the internet to look for
properties to purchase. The first impression is what matters most. Doesn’t
matter how many channels you are advertising your properties from, if you use
low quality photos you will scare off potential buyers. The photos and the
videos you use to showcase your properties should be present to the eye. Potential
buyers will only go to physically view the property if the photos used have an aesthetic
appeal.  It’s advisable to look for a professional
photographer who will take high quality photos from all angels.  Your pricing too is reflected by the kind of
photos or video you have used.

2.       Not having a good property description

Good photos must be followed by relevant information about
your property. Write that catchy property description that wills leave your potential
buyers wanting. Good property description will help you sell your property
faster. If the description is not good enough it will not grab the attention of
the potential buyers. Make sure you have a compelling headline. Make it short
but sweet. Talk about the features of your property. Talk about the entire neighborhood
and all the amenities around the property. Make sure you see
to write attention grabbing property description
if you want to stand out
as a real estate agent. On your property description avoid typos and
grammatical errors or any other detail that may mislead potential buyers.

3.       Overpricing

The price of a property is one of the key things that a
buyer will look at. If you have set a high price for your properties you will
turn off the potential buyers. Before setting your price, do a proper research
on market prices in the neighborhood. See both the paste and the current sales
of the property. Your selling price should be determined by the current market
and not what you think you it’s worth or how much money you need at the moment.
Let all potential buyers be in your market range. Learn
how to rice
your home for sale.

4.       Not advertising at all

When it comes to selling, your properties should be exposed
to everyone who may be interested in it. It is advertising that makes sales
happens. Technology has made it possible for anyone to have presence online through
free social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and Pintrest
allows you to target certain buyers and promote you listings to them. It’s the
best strategy to target the millennial who are obsessed with the internet and
they are the current potential buyers. These platforms also allow us to
interact with your prospective buyers and facilitate two-way communication with
media advertisement
should be one of the strategies that every real estate
agent should have alongside other strategies like print media and use of listing
platforms in Kenya. By all means make sure your properties are online.

If you can’t afford to get one, the next best solution is to
use a reputable listing company that will get

5. Poor presentation

Sometimes poor presentation of properties can turn off the
buyers. How you present your properties can determine what price the property
finally gets sold at. It’s all about making your property stand out. For a house,
give enough attention to how your property look from outside.  Clean the driveways clear all the bushes,
remove weeds. It’s also important to make sure that your house is properly maintained,
well furnished, well organized, painted (in neutral colors) make sure there is
proper lighting etc. These are minor details that can impress potential buyers.
In case of a land, make sure the grass is not to long and that there is no
rubbish scattered across the land. You can consider. Do the best you can to
make sure you have an opportunity for sale. See also
presentation mistakes to avoid


If you want  to
attract more buyers , you must use the best approach. Avoid making petty
mistakes that turn the potential buyers away.

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