Nanyuki Town Properties

Nanyuki Town Properties

Since 2010 there is increased interest in acquiring of properties around Nanyuki town.

The demand was due to white settlers who moved from the Zimbabwe after the infamous forceful acquisition of white settlers land. A police sanctioned by the government of Zimbabwe under the tyrannical regime of the late Robert Mugabe.

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Another reason is the many British soldiers who come to train in the area and later return and settle here.

Its also good to note that many land buying company have set foot in and around Nanyuki, bought slightly bigger parcels and subdivided them into smaller eighth of acre portion which the local middle and low income local population could afford. Eighth acre plots are affordable and located in various places especially around Juakali, Ereri, Endana, etc.

It’s good to mention that investment here is worth because Nanyuki is one of the fastest growing towns in Kenya — it’s a tourist web indeed.

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