Ongata Rongai Neighborhood Guide : All You Need to Know

Ongata Rongai, popularly known to many as just Ronga or Rongai is located approximately 17 kilometers south of Nairobi CBD. It is in Kajiado North constituency, Kajiado County, and is largely within the Nairobi metropolitan. Mbagathi River separates the smaller part of Rongai from the Nairobi metropolitan. The name ‘Ongata Rongai’ originates from the Maasai language and translates to ‘narrow plains’.

If you have not been to Rongai, at least you have come across some of the humorous memes created about the town that circulate on social media, especially to do with its ‘long’ distance from Nairobi town and the dust in the town.

However, the town is not too far from Nairobi CBD, the issue mostly is the traffic jam caused by matatus that overlap on the narrow road heading to Ongata Rongai.

On the dust issue, especially during the dry season, the town is prone to dust which is blown by the wind or stirred up by vehicles on some of the un-tarmacked roads.

You cannot mention Ongata Rongai without mentioning its Matatu culture. The Ongata Rongai route is served by award-winning matatus. Their modifications include and not limited to Graffiti, Snake lights, comfortable seats, TV screens, Power sockets, free WI-FI, and booming music. Embarking on a ride in these mini-buses to Rongai is an adventure by itself which has in the past attracted international celebrities like Trey Songz.

Residents and visitors here also enjoy fresh produce directly from nearby farms sold at mainly two different markets, Soko Mjinga in Kware area and another market near Maasai Mall. Additionally, Rongai is known for its mouth-watering nyama choma joints from the same nearby Maasai farms.

Map of Rongai Neighborhood

Neighborhoods bordering Rongai

Kandisi, Rimpa, Nkoroi, Merisho, Olekasasi, Tuala, Rangau, Masai Lodge.

Places of Worship in Rongai

S.t marys catholic church

Wolef church

Glory church Ongata Rongai

The world restoration center

House of worship

Living water church

Nairobi chapel ongata rongai

PCEA shalom Ongata rongai

St faiths ACK

Restoration Church

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Fatima catholic church

Healthcare facilities in Rongai.

Nairobi women Hospital

Equity Afia medical center

Mount Olive Sinai Hospital

Getrudes Children Hospital

The Karen Hospital

Avenue Healthcare

Fatima Maternity Hospital

Aga khan Hospital

Meridian Equator Hospital

Ongata Rongai Health Centre

Fatima mission Nursing

Banking instituions in Rongai

Kenya commercial bank

Equity bank

ABSA bank

HFC bank

Bank of  Africa

Sidian Bank

Co-operative bank

Fitness center/ gyms in Rongai

Titoh Fitness gym

Arena fitness center

Rongai Fitness centre

Quest gym

Body smart aerobics

New look gym

Superfit gym

Uzima fitness centre

Beauty & Spas in Rongai

Beauty garage spa

Annabellas hair salon, barber and beauty spa

Beatitude beauty parlor

Ongata Rongai gorgeous beauty parlor

The one salon and beauty spa

Shammah and glamour beauty parlor

Diplomatic barber shop

Kachela beauty zone

Armlys hair Beauty and barber shop

Sisterlocks paradise

Schools in Rongai

African Nazarene University

Adventist University of Africa

Multimedia University

Eagle Air aviation college

Belmont international college

Nkaimurunya Secondary school

Nakeel Boys

Olekasasi Mixed School

Magadi road primary

Ongata primary school

Laiser hill academy

Fanaka Junior School

Kunoni education center

Azuri school

Maxwell Adventist Academy

Restaurants and clubs in Rongai

Club legend

Gimor restaurant

The Smith Hotel

Choma place inn bar and Restaurant

Siron place restaurant

Hornbill bar and Restaurant

Rental houses in Rongai

Depending on the location and size of the house here are the ranges of rent different units.

Single rooms   Ksh4, 000 to Sh5, 500,

Bedsitters                 Ksh5, 500 to Sh10, 500

One bedroom  Ksh10, 000 to Sh15, 000.

Two bedroom  Ksh14, 000 to Ksh21, 000

Three bedrooms Ksh21, 000 to Ksh 35, 000

Internet providers in Ongata Rongai

Poa internet- 0730 862862/ 0730762762

Pamoja home fibre- 0799745714

Bridges internet solutions- 0716096368

Jamii telecommunication Ltd- 0747585100

Rocket speed internet connection

Nyumba internet services

Advantages of living in Rongai

Affordable housing options

Compared to the central areas of Nairobi, Rongai provides a more budget-friendly choice of rental apartments, townhouses, and standalone for individuals and families.

Proximity to Nairobi CBD

Rongai is conveniently located close to Nairobi CBD making it an ideal location to live, for those who work/school near or in the CBD.

Availability of amenities

Rongai has a wide range of essential amenities including schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

Growing commercial sector

Rongai has experienced significant commercial growth in recent years with an increasing number of supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and entertainment joints, which increases access to goods and services and employment opportunities.

Disadvantages of living in Rongai

Traffic congestion

Commuting to Rongai can be challenging at times due to traffic congestion, especially during peak hours.

Dust and poor road infrastructure

Rongai is known for its dusty conditions mainly brought about by the unpaved roads around the town.


Ongata Rongai is an attractive location to visit or live in due to its proximity to Nairobi CBD, serenity, and affordable housing options.

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