10 Real Estate Blogging Ideas in Kenya

Do you want to be a real estate blogger but don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there before, but our passion pushed us toward where we are now.

Real estate blogging can earn you lots of money once you do it perfectly. So, what do you do? How do you know the best profitable idea to follow? How do you monetize your real estate blog to start earning? 

Well, this post will answer all those questions and everything you need to know to succeed. A good idea will always fill a gap in the real estate blogging industry. 

How to Choose a Real Estate Blogging Idea 

An idea generates from your subconscious mind. That’s why Napoleon Hill, in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ insinuates the power of our minds. Hill says that every significant investment you see around was once an idea. 

Therefore, a relevant idea is a great tool when starting a real estate blog. That’s the first step to your success in blogging. 

When naming a real estate blog, choose a name related to the property. You can check available domains using the Whois website.

So, how do you get that idea?

  1. Reading 

Reading is an excellent asset for generating ideas, regardless of the niche you are focusing on. If you are a frequent reader of other real estate blogs, chances are you will get several ideas. However, it would help if we’re open-minded to get ideas from reading.

You can also read books about property investment and passive income ideas. That will build your mind to accommodate the views you get.

  1. Are you passionate about real estate?

Your passion for homes and rental properties can be a good content source. At least you’ll be blogging about something you love and enjoy doing. 

You could create blogs explaining to people the best places to buy a home or commercial property. You’ll realize that more people will love your tips if you are passionate about property investment.

  1. Are you a real estate investor? Talk about it 

If you have experience in real estate investment, open a blog and talk about your journey. Talk about how you acquired your first property and how you’ve managed to grow the business.

New investors would also like to know the common mistakes they should avoid when doing property business. 

  1. Local real estate events 

To be a successful real estate blogger, you need to know all upcoming local events regarding property investment. Everyone loves to know what’s happening in society and the benefits associated. 

Therefore, ensure you follow relevant channels to know what property events are coming up and how they should help investors.

  1. Focus on trending news affecting real estate 

Some things affect the real estate business, either short-term or long-term. For instance, the Coronavirus pandemic has been trending since 2020, and it has hurt real estate investment in Kenya.

You could also talk about housing trends affecting sellers or buyers. Your blog should help them make informed choices when buying or selling property.

So, talking about such issues can get you a massive following of those who wish to know what their property will face due to trending issues.

  1. Best location for 

You can create a blog that goes deep into highlighting the best locations where certain businesses can thrive. 

For instance, talk about the best locations for buying residential properties in Nairobi. 

It could also be the best location for commercial property aimed at gyms, offices, yards, warehouses, etc. 

Another thing you could write about is the best locations to accommodate pet lovers and many more.

Remember, these are just tips, so you can go deeper into each idea and develop excellent blogs that your audience will love.

  1. Home maintenance 

You can also create a blog to write about home maintenance tips. Many people like to stay in neat homes and would appreciate any information to help them. 

Write about cleaning, painting, and fixing broken doors, windows, roofs, or cabinets in the house. With this idea, you can even affiliate with businesses that offer those services, and you’ll earn through every customer referral.

  1. Moving services 

Everyone gets overwhelmed when moving to new areas. It’s all challenging, from searching for the best house or home to moving into them. 

You can first tell your audience how to choose the best houses to move to. 

Second, tell them where they can get the best moving services. That will make their work easy, and they’ll trust your content.

  1. Rent or buy 

Most people are stuck deciding whether they should rent or buy houses. Therefore, you can enlighten them by giving them the advantages and the disadvantages of renting or buying. 

Afterward, tell them about the best areas to rent and the best areas to buy houses. That will help them make informed decisions, and they will like and share your content.

  1. All home services 

Write about all services a good home needs. Tell them how they can get those services at affordable costs. 

In addition, you could also affiliate with companies offering services like cleaning, plumbing, wiring, roofing, and others. 

How to Monetise your Real Estate Blog 

  • Google Adsense 

When your blog has several unique and helpful content, you can apply to Google Adsense via the Search Console account. Once they approve your account, they’ll start running relevant ads on your blog. You’ll earn some cents if a reader clicks any of the displayed ads.

  • Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the most reliable way to earn lots of money with a real estate blog. With affiliate marketing, you will display tracked ads or links on your blog from property sellers, property maintenance buy-to-let properties, and many more.

Once your reader clicks on the ads or links and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage.

However, the more people you have on your site, the more likely you are to link customers to merchants.

  • Sell your property 

If you own property and would like to sell, you can display them on your blog to attract potential buyers. 

In addition, if you have rental apartments and single-family houses, you can get clients via your blog. All you need to do is write to your audience explaining the goodness of your apartments. 


To succeed in real estate blogging, you need to be aggressive in posting new content, which will hook more readers. Remember, all three monetization criteria mentioned in this blog depend on high traffic. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is real estate blogging in Kenya worth it?

Yes. If you put in the right effort, you will earn a lot of money with a real estate blog through affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and selling your property or advertising your rental property.

  1. How frequently should I post real estate blogs?

To succeed in real estate blogging, you should update posts each week. This trick also works for all other types of blogs.

  1. What should I include in my real estate newsletter?

The first aim should be to help your subscribers with information helping them make sober decisions about property. Afterward, you can send them listings of affordable properties in different locations. 

  1. How often do successful bloggers post?

Successful blogging involves updating your blog with helpful information weekly. Some blogs require less content than others. For instance, a news blog is updated more frequently than a real estate blog.

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