Real Estate Lead Generation Sources: 7 tried lead generation strategies

Technology has become a major part of lead generation and management in real estate in recent years Check out these 13 tried lead sources for realtors that every real estate professional should be utilizing.

1.       Referrals

Referrals are one of the easiest and cheapest lead generation ideas. According to the NAR, 64% of sellers found their agent through a referral from your former clients, real estate professionals, real estate referral companies a friend, neighbor, or relative or used an agent they had worked with before to buy or sell a home. It works because most people believe the word of mouth from these people they now

Bernice Ross, CEO of Brokerage UP!, and Inman top 25 real estate coach said “Referrals cost you nothing  all you have to do is stay connected with the people you know and make sure that you’re top of mind when they or someone they know decide to transact.”

Most successful real estate agents get almost half of their income from referrals. It is a reliable source and in most cases it’s absolutely free. All you have to do is maintain a good relationship with your contacts so that you’re first in mind when they have a friend or colleague who wants to sell their property.

2.       Search Engine optimization strategy

SEO is one of the best real estate lead generation idea. Today, 44% of real estate buyers start their home search online, and 95% use the internet in the buying process. The good thing is, 60% of those searching are likely to click on the top three results on Google.

 At any given time, there are people in your farm area using search engines to find answers to their real estate-related questions. With a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you can put your website in search results, answer common questions that show your expertise and trustworthiness, and capture new leads. Local SEO helps your business to show up in search engines when a user is looking for help to buy or sell a property. It is a long-term strategy that can consistently bring you new, highly targeted leads without ongoing time and effort. Blogging can also help you to drive targeted traffic from search engines as you create targeted content for your business. You can write content that shows website visitors different aspects of your business. You can create short guides about places in your city to keep your audience informed.

3.       Build social media presence

Depending on how you approach it, social media can either be a major time drain or a brilliant way of nurturing your connections. It offers an incredible return on the investment of your time. With a strategic social media marketing plan, you can increase your reach and create a profile that displays your expertise to potential leads as soon as they click on your name. To start generating real estate leads through social media, you’ll have to decide which platforms to focus on. One of the easiest and commonly used channel is Facebook. With some well-informed optimization techniques, consistent engagement, and regular status updates featuring photos and videos of your listings, market, and clients, you can generate more interest in your brand. With Facebook ads, you can target the right audience by location, demographics, and interests. Facebook makes it easy for you to find the right clients fit for any property you are trying to sell, be it brick and mortar or even digital. Other channels through which you can generate leads are Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest etc.  Learn more on how to effectively use social media marketing

4.       Leverage the internet to advertise

Invest in paid online advertising. Websites like Zillow offer advertising options for realtor’s smart move since the share of home buyers who used the internet to search for a home increased to an all-time high of 97% in 2020, according to the National Association of Realtors.

The best real estate lead generation websites make it easy for agents to find clients and close deals. This is because most of the websites generate enormous monthly traffic. For instance, premier Agent, Zillow, Trulia, and all generate about 80 million unique monthly visits between them. These are the traffic you need to get to convert to leads.

Dor sale by owner (FSBO) listings are properties that are listed for sale by their owners rather than by a real estate agent. Consequently, they’re classed as warm leads to target because you already know the owners want to sell.

5.       Your own website

Though offline marketing methods, such as networking and word-of-mouth, are good ideas to get new clients it’s still essential to have your own website. This is because a lot of potential clients are going to want to check you out before they get in touch. This one way you can generate leads online. Ones you develop your website you need to optimize it. See how to optimize your website for lead generation

Your website should be Fast. Study found that 87% of visitors will bounce if there is a load time of over two seconds. Use a page speed tool to get a sense of your website speed. Your website should be clean. Let your website be user friendly and one that  looks modern. Another important thing is to make sure your website is  mobile-optimized: he mobile version of your website is likely the first impression you have to a potential lead.  See also why companies need a good real estate website

6.       Farming in busy street strategy

Farming is a marketing approach in which real estate teams tailor their methods and tactics to target a specific area or community. This strategy is designed to position you as an area’s go-to agent using high-quality marketing targeted to homeowners in a specific neighborhood.  When we talk about farming it’s all about taking time to nurture relationships and then waiting patiently for those relationships to pay off by turning into hot leads and ultimately into closed deals. Learn how to farm for leads and see results

7.       Reviews and testimonials

When people see that other consumers have had a positive experience with your business, they’ll feel better about giving their contact information in exchange for special offers. A positive review is a powerful tool for businesses. Most people now read online reviews. Positive reviews are now considered treasured referrals for real estate agents.

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