Services Offered by Ardhisasa Digital Platform

Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by the government. What are the services you can access from the NLMS digital platform? Below is a look at them:

Land Registration

This is one of the services you can access on the NLMS is land registration. It deals with several things such as:

·         Application for issuance of cautions and restrictions and registration of executors

·         Leases – short term and long term

·         Registration of title deeds and leases

·         Replacement of title deeds

·         Land searches and transfer of title.

Other services under land administration include the registration and termination of joint ownerships and stamp duty-related issues.

Land Administration

Services offered under land administration include:

·         Paying of land rents

·         Subdivision of land

·         Preparation, renewal, and extension of leases

·         Changing or extending the rights of use on a land.

 Physical Planning

Physical planning services include the application and approval of development plans for various intended uses on a parcel of land. You can also receive a certificate of compliance for development projects, provided they meet the required provisions.

 Survey And Mapping

Survey and mapping services include:

·         Subdivision or amalgamation (joining of two pieces) of land

·         Issuance of new grants and allotment letters

·         Surveying and re-surveying of land to issue and confirm boundaries.

 Land Valuation

Land valuation services involve the valuation of a parcel(s) of land for purposes of asset valuation, government land leasing or purchase, estate administration matters, or arbitration matters.

 Adjudication And Settlement

Services include dealing with adjudication and settlement of land dispute matters.

Land Allocation

You can also access land allocation services on Ardhisasa, a docket handled by the National Land Commission.

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