Social media marketing tips for real estate companies

Social media marketing tips for real estate companies

Social media marketing in the real estate
industry has been growing exponentially over the past decade.

As a real estate professional, creating a strong social
media presence is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy

It’s one of the easiest ways of engaging and connecting with
existing customers and reaching out to new ones with an aim of building brand,
increasing sales and to drive web traffic.

According to a study from  National Association of REALTORS:

77% of realtors actively use social media for
real estate in some way, shape or form

47% of real estate businesses note that social
media results in the highest quality leads versus other sources

99% of millennial (and 90% of baby boomers)
begin their home search online (as opposed to in-person referrals)

The most popular social media platforms for real estate marketing

i Facebook

Facebook is one of the most effective platforms for real
estate advertisement. It is a force of our daily lives, the big daddy of social
media and the best place to run social media content. It has the widest reach.
It fits perfectly into the average buyers and sellers.

It’s quick to post on Facebook and an easy way to engage
with potential buyers.

ii. Instagram

You can get real estate leads on Instagram. Its visual
nature platform and this makes it beautiful and fun. This is what draws the
attention of the users. So you must showcase attractive and high quality images
and short videos and by this it’s easy to get leads.

iii. LinkedIn

Linked in is designed for business but it has
been ignored in favor of other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram
and twitter. It is the best place to showcase your expertise and attract the
type of client you serve, whether it’s real estate investors, mom and pop
landlords or property developers.
 It is also an important
way to stay connected to important business leaders in the community, who may
refer you leads.  Since the real estate
industry is built on connections, being active on LinkedIn and joining groups
will pay you back by widening your network.

iv. Twitter

Twitter is the best social
media platform or sharing all types of content including images and videos.
It’s ideal for short posts. It has a unique chat feature that plays a very big
role in networking, engaging with the users and it is through this that real
estate agents drive new business leads and keep apprised of industry

These are social
media tips for real estate companies

1.       Have great title

The title is the first, and sometimes only, part of your
article that potential readers will see. It summarizes the main idea of your
study. You must therefore select tittle that will grip readers’ attention and
lure them to read your content. The title should accurately describe your
content to make people want to read further.

i. If you have a weak tittle, no matter how good
your content is, it won’t show it to anybody.

       ii This is how to make a good tittle

      iii. Keep it short

     iv. Use alliteration when necessary

       v. Use numbers whenever possible

     vi. Should predict the content

    vii. Use keywords

2.       Aim to capture your audience attention

To capture your audience attention means to keep them
constantly looking, constantly scrolling, keeping them engaged and looking
forward to what is to come. This is how you capture your audience attention

With the millions of new social media posts each day, you
have to focus on particularly attractive visuals in order to grab the attention
of potential leads as they scroll through their news feed. Beautiful photos are
the bread and butter of social media
, and you are in luck as an agent who’s buying and selling
properties.  Professional photos of the
gorgeous homes that you’re selling, so social media is the right place to
publicize them. Make sure that each of your posts is accompanied by one or more
real estate photos.

Also have fascinating videos and virtual tours of both
interior and exterior your homes. According to Properties Online Tech
Trends Report, 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor
offering to do a listing video.  Across all industries viewers simply
prefer video and it’s quickly emerging as the go to way that people are
consuming content. Cisco projects that more than 80% of all internet traffic
will be video by 2021.

3.       Keep the audience engaged

The greatest measure of social media success is
an engaged audience. It is not enough to just
post on social media platform, you have to go the extra mile and interact with
your audience. Keep response time speedy. Include post content that stimulates
interaction and engagements likes, comments, shares, click through, mentions,
surveys and contest for this is how audience engagement is measured. As your
followers questions and be respond to their answers.

4.       Have quality  and effective content

One way of creating connection between your audience and
your brand and making them feel passionate to your brand is by ensuring that
you have quality content. Quality content and that comes in digestible amount
keeps the audience engaged.  A content
that is meaningless is frustrating and it pushes the audience away. High-quality
content is effective and with this your audience will grow exponentially.

5.       Post consistently

If you want to strengthen your brand the post consistently.
You will also build loyalty with your customers and they will be able to talk
about your brand the more. For you to be a consistent poster  be careful to set realistic goals. For
instance, if posting ten tweets everyday is hard for you look for a more
realistic number let’s say two tweets every day. you can also post  videos about home maintenance tips twice a
day, every day can cause an imbalance with your other posts, like house sales
or information about your business that goes out only once a week.

The secret of consistency is finding a good balance in what
you need to post and having a good schedule.

6.       Use the right hash tag

Another crucial tip in social media
marketing is using the best hash tags for your industry. Hash tag is a label used
on social media sites that makes it easier to find information with a theme or
specific content.
The  benefit of
using hash tag is that it  helps categorize posts, increase engagement,
attract followers to a certain niche, strengthen a brand image and help reach a
target audience (and vice versa).

 Real estate industry
offers dozens of relevant hash tags to focus on home buyers, home sellers, and
on any market which comes to mind. While hash tags are important on all
platforms, they are an absolute must on Twitter and Instagram. They will help
your tweets or posts reach out to the target audience to generate new leads. If
you want to win the social media game, then you should include hash tagging as
a regular practice, in your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Content Calendar: What it is and it benefits in real estate Business.

7.       Humanize your brand

Engagement needs to be natural, not robotic .Humanizing your
brand is a requirement, not an option if you want to survive in business today.
Will told us that engagement is one of the most important steps for a company
in their infancy, and even beyond, if they want to stay competitive on social
media channels. “Engage, engage, engage. People are going to respond more
favorably to a brand they deem more ‘human.’ Don’t be afraid to show some humor
at appropriate times or take a stance on some relevant issues.

Marketing efforts in the past were typically focused on
hitting consumers with clever messages, repetitive slogans, and brand
recognition. In today’s world, a company should operate a little differently.



It’s not enough to simply dangle on your website. You need
to go beyond the borders of your domain in order for you to reach to more
people. Social media is a tool that costs virtually nothing so long as you can
provide your followers with consistent and engaging content they can subscribe
to. It also allows you to freely promote your website.

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