8 social media tips for real estate agents to elevate your marketing strategy

If used in the right way, social media can help you as real estate agents reach a wide audience, within a very short time. This is because today’s buyers are living their lives through digital technology. If you make good use of social media, you will get more leads, close more leads, you will grow your audience and this will definitely increase your income. We have identified 8 most effective social media tips that will elevate your marketing strategy.

1. Create a relevant content

The first thing to do before creating social media content is to have your customers in mind. With customers in mind you will be able to make a content that they want. The next thing is to create relevant content; one that is that is compelling. In this case your audience wants to know more about real estate. Let all your social media content help your audience achieve their goals not about how you will benefit from them. Talk about know about culture, neighborhoods, safety, and even activities for their kids teach about how to purchase a home. Educate them and you will generate millions of views on your social media channels every day.

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2. Automate your posts to ensure there is a consistent posting

Automation is not all about hiring someone to do it and forget it. It’s all about utilizing tools that allow you to pre-plan your social media posts for the day for the week or even for the month in advance. This way when the day gets away from you because you have had extra appointments or you were generating leads then you will know  that that day you are going to have a great social media post hitting all of your channels because  you have taken your time to pre-plan out your posts. Before a potential clients reaches out to you, they first scroll through your social media feed. They will accept your offer for help only if they will see consistent posts on social media. The way that you show up online will impact your brand as a trustworthy real estate expert.  The posts help you build trust with followers and potential customers. So consistency is key. Some of these tools include Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse, Coshedule among others. Some are paid and others are free

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3.  Create irresistible lead magnets to collect new leads

Create a pdf or an E-book for free information in exchange for emails. First you have to consider who your ideal clients are, what challenges they are facing and the kind of information they need. After hat create a solution for them inside that lead magnet. As mentioned earlier be consumer focused because most of the things that you think are valuable to a customer are not the things not they have in their minds. Offer things of value even if they have nothing to do with actual real estate transaction. With that you can be sure that it will attract more potential clients.

4. Build engaging posts

Have you ever crafted good social posts and scheduled them across the networks and two weeks later, you view your social analytics and see no clicks, no likes, no shares zero social engagement. Well, I have been there. But did you realize where the problem is? The problem is that your posts are not fun, exciting, and compelling. Your audience doesn’t need them. You need to make a post seeks your audience answers, opinions and feedback. You could also Integrate inspirational quotes and phrases into your social posts. These kinds of posts produce more motivation from your audience and compel them to take action. Let them wake up to #realestatemotivation. Build emotions in your words, if it is something funny use emojis , ask them questions concerning their personal life. You could ask them a question and let them choose their answers. For example

 If we gave you Ksh100, 000 to spend in our shop, which products would you stock up on?

a)      cabinets

b)      Chairs and seating

c)      Beds

d)      Clocks

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5. Consider going niche

Think of that one person who you want to serve. This could be senior citizens, veterans etc You don’t have to talk to everyone. Again, look for ideal clients. The more niche you get in your marketing message the bigger impact it’s going to make. Go from being in a large open to a smaller ocean. Niche it down to specific audience that you are serving. There is always less people in trying to get that one person in the small ocean. By niching down, you can make yourself memorable. You will be setting yourself from unnecessary competitions.

6. Consider using videos

A video is like a king in marketing, it’s dynamic and engaging when it comes to attracting new leads. It one of the most performing posts across all social media algorithms. It has exploded in growth on social in recent years. The video can either be a virtual tour or aerial footage, it is more valuable and more persuasive to both sellers and buyers since it showcases the property in more details many photos combined together. There is nothing that is more trusted than property video. See the importance of video in real estate.  Also learn how to create a  successful social media video marketing strategy.

7. Respond to comments

It is in the comment section that you get to know your followers and readers. Broadcasting alone is not enough, you have to engage back those who are commenting to your posts quickly. When you talking to them you will be setting a bar for everyone else who could be having the same question. It will set a precedence to others on how you handle things. They will not have to ask the same question again , they will  just look at your comment reply .So be careful on how you handle negative comments and challenges. Be polite, listen to their perspective take responsibilities and promise to do better next time.  When you do that you can be sure that your followers will come back.

8. Keep in touch

Look at social media channels where you’re your audience are hanging out. Connect with them, follow them make them your friends engage them, depending on the social media channel, comment on their posts They are a sphere of your influence. Statistics show that 70% of your income comes from your sphere of influence. Take advantage to those online conversations by taking them offline. Organize a marketing program that is multifaceted and reach out to them through emails, contacting them or still use social media.


Make sure you use each platform for it’s intended purpose. Each platform is used differently. You should not copy and paste the same content on different platforms, every post should fit it’s platform. This will definitely help you reach different audience on different platforms. Read how to effectively use social media for real estate to explore these platforms as part of your marketing strategy.

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