Syokimau Neighborhood Guide : All You Need to Know

Syokimau is a satellite town in Syokimau/Mlolongo ward, Mavoko constituency in Machakos County. It is located approximately 18 kilometers South of Nairobi CBD.

A Brief History of Syokimau

History has it that Syokimau was named by Syonguu a Kamba prophetess after another Kamba prophetess who lived in the 1800s.

Syokimau was a respected Kamba medicine woman who prophesied the coming of people of different colors to Kenya. She prophesied that these people would come carrying fire in their pockets and said she saw a long snake with its head in the ocean and tail in the lake.

Her prophesies came to pass in the 20th century as it was understood that carrying fire in their pockets was actually carrying match boxes and guns, the people of different colors were the whites and the long snake was the railway line that was built from Mombasa to Lake Victoria.

Syokimau area is now a town, that has carried her name to date.

Map of Syokimau neighborhood

Transport to Syokimau from Nairobi

Syokimau is served by a good rail and road network.

The construction of the new Nairobi expressway has eased transport to Nairobi and other parts of the country from Syokimau. However, most residents still use Mombasa Road which costs them between Ksh50 to Ksh100 to Nairobi CBD depending on the time of the day.

Syokimau is also the Nairobi terminus railway station. Therefore passengers from Mombasa using the standard gauge railway can swiftly transfer to meter gauge trains to get to Nairobi CBD.

Currently, there are two trains that carry passengers to Nairobi in the morning and two in the evening charging Ksh40 only.

Places of worship in Syokimau

PCEA Syokimau

Destiny Life Church

St. Marys ACK Church

Syokimau Central SDA

St. Veronica Catholic Church Cathedral Syokimau

House of Grace Syokimau

Nairobi Chapel Syokimau

Destiny Life Church

AIC Syokimau Church

Healthcare services close to/in Syokimau.

RFH Healthcare

Katani Hospital

Baspen Syokimau Cottage Hospital

AAR Healthcare Services

Mayaan Medical centre

Equity Afia Syokimau

Syokimau Medical Centre

Getrudes Children Hospital

Fitness center/ gyms in Syokimau

Next level Fitness Gym- 0740 140 130

Switch Fitness Centre- 0729 573 656

Bliss park Gym- 0733 999 910

Thabiti Gym and Fitness Centre

Rolex Gym and Health Club

Beauty/SPA Parlour in Syokimau

Ruby Spa & Nail Parlour

Lush Spa

Fusion Spa Kenya

Bliss Park Spa

Education institutions in Syokimau

Epren College of Professional Studies

St. Nicholas College of Professional Studies

Brighton International School

Zuwena International School

The Daniel School

Top performance Academy

Gracebrook Academy

Syokimau Kindergarten

Ice Montessori School

Entertainment joints in Syokimau

The Tunnel

Level seven Lounge- Next Gen Mall

Crystal Bar

Lounge 254- Gatewaymall

Governors Club

Shooters Club

Rental houses in Syokimau

Single rooms          Ksh4, 000 to Ksh6, 500,

Bedsitters               Ksh6, 500 to Ksh9, 500

One-bedroom        Ksh12, 000 to Ksh17, 000.

Two bedroom        Ksh15, 000 to Ksh30, 000

Three bedroom     Ksh35, 000 to Ksh65, 000

Internet providers In Syokimau

Syokinet-     020 7650317

Fastnet Air Fiber– 0729 008434

Jamii Telecommunication Ltd– 0747585100

Sigmanet wireless

Advantages of living in Syokimau

Affordable housing options

Whether you are looking to rent or buy a property, Syokimau offers a range of housing options at an affordable price compared to central parts of Nairobi.

Proximity to Nairobi

The close proximity of Nairobi CBD from Syokimau is advantageous to residents as one can access all benefits of living in the city with ease.

Growing real estate market

Over the years Syokimau has attracted real estate developers and investors. This has translated into increased property values. This also offers an opportunity for potential appreciation in property value.

Good transport network

Syokimau is served by a good rail and road network to Nairobi CBD and other parts of the country. The construction of the Nairobi expressway has enhanced connectivity to the city making commuting faster and more convenient.

Disadvantages of living in Syokimau

Insecurity in some areas

Most parts of Syokimau are secure as residents have a group to address such concerns. There are also many police patrols within Syokimau, and many gated estates have employed guards offering round-the-clock security. However, some interior parts of Syokimau often face security problems.

Developing infrastructure

Most parts of Syokimau are still growing which can cause occasional inconveniences such as road repairs, construction activities, or irregular access to utilities, which can disrupt daily routines.


Syokimau offers an excellent investment opportunity in the real estate market. It is also a good place to live for students, individuals, and families who want to live in an affordable yet serene environment close to the city.

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