Things to ask your real estate agent

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, it is reasonable enough as well as essential to have a guide on the specific issues you would like to ask your real estate agent. You maybe wondering what to ask in different stages of the process.  Real estate in itself is quite a lengthy procedure. You may know what to ask while house viewing, another one may want to have a clarification during renting, another may want to know while selling and others while buying. In short the whole process is a huge one and different questions may pop at different stages, some before consulting on whether to involve real estate agents and others on when they have already involved the agents. In whichever situation, one thing however stands, there are common questions that would address a lot of your doubts in real estate industry. In this blog, we will look at both essential questions to ask as the seller and the ones to ask as the buyer.

What to ask your real estate agent as the owner of the property

On experience

Being the owner of the property and you need to sell it off, it is necessary to ask the real estate agent about their experience. Ask them about how long they have been in the industry. This will show you if they are in a position to know the market and have the knowledge. This gives you confidence on the agent you are dealing with and on assumption that your property will be sold easily.  They already have the client base or networked a lot. This also will help you identify the agent’s testimonials as well as their reviews on the different types of property they have dealt with before.


In every business that involves an agent that you indulge into, make sure that you know their charges. It is important to agree on the pricing, how they will charge you to avoid future misunderstandings. Also, after knowing their experience, and on charging note, you could ask them the range of properties they sell and the charges attached to them.

On advertisements

Ask your agent on what platforms they will be advertising your property from. Ask them where they will list them. As you decide on your agent, note the one who does things in a holistic manner.  The one with professional photography.

On advice

A good agent will advise you on several factors that would increase the value of your property.  They will advise you on tips of how to improve your home and its value. They will advise you on the method that would easily sell off your property, whether through auctioning, expression of interest or through a treaty.

What to ask you real estate agent as a buyer

The owner of the property

There is need to know the owner of the property you need to buy. This avoids controversies and reduces the chances of being conned. It also gives you a basis of where to place your pricing. The owner maybe selling out of desperation or moving to a different place and that would attract a lower price. Asking about the owner also gives you some degree of confidence. This question will also pop the question if why the owner is selling. By knowing the owner too, you will understand about how long they have stayed in the same property as well as whether the property had multiple owners.


Ask you real estate agent on the total costs that would be associated with the property.  These includes; the appraisal the property itself, inspection, insurance, mortgage interests among others. This will help you determine whether you want the property or not. It also gives you an idea of how you will bargain the property and estimate the total closing costs.


As a buyer, ask your real estate agent on the market. Ask them on how markets favor you. Get to know how long the house has been on the market. If it isn’t a fast moving one, you may want to find why. Also, find out the value of the house, it may be extremely over valued. It will also help you understand what is included in the sale and what is excluded. 

In conclusion, before you either buy your property or sell it, try find put information on the process. It will help ease everything out and you will not feel stuck.

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