4 Things to Consider During First-time Property Visit in Kenya

Visiting a property you are about to buy is one of the exciting and anxious moments in an investor’s journey. A first-time property visit can unveil more of the investment journey you are about to start. It’s important to consider everything, from the price tag to the quality of the property you are buying.This blog explains what you should do during your first-time property visit to Kenya. Keep reading to know what you should check and the questions you should ask the owner about the property. These ideas should help you make the right choices when buying a property. We shall also give you the quality features of any property you wish to buy in Kenya. We have a series of properties that can interact with you. Check our trusted property listings that might just reveal your next property.  

What to Consider During First-time Property Visit in Kenya

You should consider the following aspects when visiting a property for the first time in Kenya. 

What is the location?

The location is the most critical part of buying property, whether residential or commercial. If you are searching for a commercial property in Kenya, you should find an area with high growth potential. You can buy in an already developed region, like the urban centres, or an area with potential growth. 

If you need a residential home, you should also find a place to easily access amenities such as schools, hospitals, security, water, and electricity. These are the basics that should make your life comfortable in any neighbourhood.

Therefore, the location is a critical factor to consider when you visit a property for the first time. Check whether the area has excellent roads and reliable water sources. In addition, you should know whether there is a nearby police post in the area for security enhancements.

How is the general property’s condition?

Next to the location, the property’s condition plays a significant role in how you will enjoy your ownership and stay in the house. You don’t have to buy a house that’s in bad-looking condition. 

During your dist time property visit in Kenya, you should be keen on every property detail. Check the roofs from the outside, preferably a higher place where you can see the top of the house. 

Even if the house looks new, you should be keen on doors and window conditions. Sometimes sellers repaint the house and forget to fix some other issues, which may cause you trouble later.

Check also the ceilings, floor, boards, and the conditions of the walls. You should be keen to identify anything that may be an obstacle. 

Ask the seller some questions

Don’t let the Property’s good condition sway you to make haste decisions without asking the property owner some questions. For instance, ask them why they are selling the property. Although some may lie if they have a wrong reason to sell, you should note the information to research it further by asking in the neighbourhood or a real estate agent

Ask the owner about the house’s history, like how long they have been the owner and the previous owner, if any. Again, you should go further and do due diligence on everything the seller tells you. 

If you find any damages that require fixing, ask the owner if they will do so before you make an offer. That will help you save on repair costs you could have incurred after buying the property.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask the owner about the title deed, and don’t hesitate to do an online search to see its authenticity. 

Does the house have emergency exits and other security features?

It’s no secret that sometimes, security gets compromised, and you may just have some unwelcome visitors in your house. When that happens, what options do you have? Nowadays, contractors include a siren on top of the houses such that you can call for help whenever anyone breaks into your property or in case of a fire outbreak.

In addition, check whether the house has other exits apart from the front gate and doors. That might be an excellent way to escape if you have to save yourself and your family. Some houses also have hidden doors which might be ideal for security purposes.

However, all those security features call for more money, which is minor compared to what you might save in the future.


It’s essential to make a first-time property visit in Kenya before offering to buy a property based on an online video you saw. It’s always ideal to see the property physically to see whether it aligns with what you saw online.

Furthermore, if you notice some differences between the online and physical property tours, it’s better to get another seller since that seems to have a hidden agenda. 

We can help you get your dream property in Kenya. Simply browse our property listings in any location you wish to invest in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do when visiting a property for the first time in Kenya?

It will be good to list down everything you want in a house. In addition, do not have too many expectations of a house you saw online. You should be ready to see the physical house and make new decisions.

2. What should I do when looking for my first home to buy?

It’s essential to be calm when looking to buy a home for the first time. You should ensure you research everything about owning a house in Kenya. Learn the rules and your rights as a buyer addition, it’s good to get a helping hand when buying your first home. So, get a real estate agent to help you with that. 

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