Tips to help you prepare for a Successful 2023 in Real Estate

2023 is here with us. With a new year comes a fresh start and new opportunities. We all aspire to do more. As a real estate agent, we have identified a few areas that are guaranteed to give you more returns if you prioritize them. These are:

          Develop a strong business plan.

          Revamping and revising your website

          Expanding your network.

          Engage more on social media.

1.     Building and sticking to a Business Plan for 2023

Every agent needs a plan to succeed. A real estate business plan keeps you accountable, on track and allows you to stay current with market trends. A good plan helps keep you ahead of the competition.

Here’s what a good real estate agent business plan will show you:

     Where you are today

    Where you want to be

     How you’ll get there

     How to measure your performance

     When and where to make a course correction

Remember, failure to plan is planning to fail! Here is a good real estate business plan template.

2.     Engage more on social media.

Today’s real estate agents spend a lot of time using social media. But is it helping you generate business? Do you have a presence on multiple social media channels yet find yourself only using one or two? It may be time to close out those old, unused accounts or simply add a pinned post directing visitors to the platform you use most.

Look at the performance on your favourite platform over the last year. What worked and what didn’t? Take some time to create a plan for social media and make it an action item. Facebook remains one of the best social media platforms for real estate agents, so find ways to grow Facebook audience engagement so that you can post like a pro.

Need support to post, share your content and engage with your customers? Call us on 0726982982 for a fair pricing on social media support.

3.     Build a network of trusted real Estate Agents

Creating a strong real estate network is incredibly valuable for real estate agents. After all, your real estate network is the backbone of your business and provides connections that will help you run your business efficiently and effectively.  We have created a list of networking tips for real estate agents in Kenya that are priceless. Although it’s easy to view other agents as competition, there is a lot we can learn from each other.

Learning how to network effectively is a must if you work in real estate. Start by being willing to put yourself out there and meet new people to be successful anywhere.

4.     Revamping and revising your website

Your website is as important as an office. When you get into the office, you ensure its clean every day. Do you do the same for your website? Check if your website is up-to-date and attractive, providing the authority-building information you need to bring in clients.

Look at your website with a fresh eye. Here are some places to focus:

1.                   Pull up your site on your computer and your phone and look for performance or alignment differences. How fast does it load? Does it look comparable to other websites that you visit?

2.                   Consider functionality. If you were a seller, how easy would it be to find information aimed at you? What if you were a buyer? How easy is it to share a blog post or to visit your social media platforms?

3.                   Now, go to other agent sites. How does your website compare? Do they have more content? Better images? Are the property descriptions better on their websites?

Use the information you’ve gathered to consider what you may need to do to improve your website. We can help you improve your website, or we can also review the same for you and make recommendations on what you need to improve.

If you do not have a website, then no problem. Start by creating an account with us, list your properties and customers will find you.

The above tips will help, but these should not be all that you do. Do more but focus on a few ones that you estimate to have the greatest impact. Have plans for either short, medium and long term. Don’t wait to have a perfect plan that you could implement too late, start with a good plan and systematically improve it so that it becomes that great plan you need to scale in 2023.

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