Best Airbnb locations in Kenya.

When setting up your Airbnb business you need to find a location that has a high occupancy rate all year round.

Some of the best locations that have a high occupancy rate are those close to, airports, major cities, national parks, white sandy beaches, mountains, historical sites, business hubs, and any other important landmarks or tourist attraction sites.

Kenya is one of the most popular tourist attraction destinations around the world it has different locations where Airbnb does well. Below are 7 different locations that have the most successful Airbnb hosts in Kenya.

1.   Nairobi.

Nairobi is the most popular Airbnb location in Kenya. This is because regardless of the season, there is always a high demand for Airbnb homes.

Nairobi has a booming economy attracting business travelers as well as many tourist attraction sites attracting leisure tourists. It also acts as the main stopover for travelers visiting other parts of the country.

2.   Mombasa.

Mombasa has many tourist destinations and high demand for Airbnb homes around the year. The average charges of daily rates of many Airbnb homes are very high bringing a high return on investment for Airbnb home investors. This makes Mombasa one of the best towns to start an Airbnb business in Kenya.

3.   Nakuru.

Among leisure tourists, there has been a shift in demand for travel destinations according to recent market trends. Most now prefer to visit non-urban areas.

Even though Nakuru is the fourth largest city in Kenya, it has many rural areas where you can start an Airbnb business. Travelers who visit Nakuru are spoilt for choice when it comes to places one can visit and most are in the rural parts of Nakuru County.

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4.   Naivasha.

The ministry of tourism ranked Naivasha as the second most visited town by tourists after Mombasa. Its proximity to Nairobi town, scenic escarpments, wildlife spotting, and Lake Naivasha make it ideal for locals from Nairobi and international tourists to visit. Airbnbs are doing quite well in Naivasha due to the flow of travelers in the town.

5.   Kilifi.

Kilifi is known to have some of the best white sand beaches on the Kenyan coast. There are lots of watersports attracting local and foreign tourists in Kilifi. The demand for Airbnbs is ever high here.

6.   Nanyuki.

Nanyuki is a cosmopolitan town lying at the equator with lots of tourist attraction sites. Due to its proximity to the second tallest mountain in Africa (MT Kenya) which attracts over 50,000 mountain climbers all year round, it is a good place to start an Airbnb business.

7.   Kajiado.

Kajiado is close to Nairobi CBD and among the fastest-growing towns in Kenya. It has many tourist destinations and amazing hidden retreats. Airbnb business is doing quite well in different parts of the county. Starting one here would be quite affordable as land and construction materials here are not that expensive.


If you are looking forward to start an Airbnb business in Kenya, you now have the best locations to choose from in the country.

If you are a host with Airbnb in one of these towns, or in any other part of the country feel free to comment below and tell us what your experience is like.

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    Hi. I have an Airbnb in Nyali Mombasa along beach road and am looking for a reliable agent who will run it or advertise it for me at a commission

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