Top Ten areas to buy most affordable Land in Kenya for high returns

Top Ten areas to buy most affordable Land in Kenya for high returns

Land prices in Kenya have risen dramatically in recent years, with some
prime areas reaching all-time highs of Ksh1 billion per acre. Given the growing
population and demand for land to build residential and commercial 
properties, this trend is expected to continue for a few

This article
will assist you in determining where you can purchase land for residential
development, agricultural development, or simply to purchase and save it for
future use or sale, an investment in this case at most affordable price.


We shall also
be listing the cheapest places to buy land in Kenya.

1.     Juja Farm.

Juja Farm is
in Kiambu county located 15 kilometers from Juja town which is 10 minutes’
drive and 34 kilometers from Nairobi Cbd.

Juja Farm is
one of the fastest growing in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. It has increased
interest of many people who look to invest in that area.

The demand
for Juja farm plots has increased, due to the tarmacking of the Juja farm road.
A 50 by 100 Plot cost approximately ksh.500,000 to 1 million depending with

Juja Farm is
the best to invest your money for residential and commercial properties. What
you need is find a genuine real estate agents.

2.     Kitengela

Kitengela has
long been a real estate hotspot. It is located in Machakos county 37 kilometers
from the Nairobi cbd. The town is rapidly growing, opening up opportunities for
potential landowners.

The cost of
land in the area varies depending on its proximity to the town, with the most
affordable plots for instance 50 by 100 plot costing around Ksh. 2 million.

Kitengela is
a self-sufficient town that is ideal for families. Major supermarkets, a vibrant
nightlife, and children’s and family-friendly activities are just a few of the
town’s many attractions.

3.     Kangundo road-Joska, Kamulu

Kangundo road
is in Machakos county and is 45 minutes’ drive from Nairobi cbd. The area is a
popular real estate investment zone due to its location and plots are very
affordable. The area now has better public transportation, and new businesses
have opened along the way. Kangundo Road has quickly become a favorite
destination for most city dwellers.

improvements has been a major benefit to Kangundo Road. A dual carriageway has
already been established on the road. The area also has excellent amenities
such as hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. The area has seen unprecedented
growth as a result of investors constructing housing projects. Because of the
construction of the by-passes, the area has become more accessible to residents
working in neighboring counties.

is one of the best places to build a home in Kenya. 50×100 plots in Kamulu town,
next to the tarmac, are available for Ksh1.1 million by Fanaka real estate
among others.
These plots are completely
serviced, come with ready-to-move-in title documents, and are equipped with all
modern conveniences. Due to the impending development of Kangundo Road to
a dual carriageway, land values in Kamulu are expected to skyrocket.

4.     Ngong

Ngong is
about 30 kilometers from Nairobi’s central business district and boarders
Karen. The reason why you should invest in Ngong is because of the Standard Gauge
Railway, as well as the construction of the Ngong SGR station, the extension of
Ngong Road from Nairobi has significantly reduced commute times to and from the
CBD,The tarmacing of the Ngong-Kibiko subway road has also improved the
residential and commercial profile of the area.

In Ngong,
Kimuka and Isinya remain some of the most affordable places to buy
land.  50×100 Plot prices range between Kshs.250,000 – Kshs.350,000
in most cases but can go very high if the plot is located close to the roaad or
a shopping center.

5.     Eastern Bypass

The Nairobi
Eastern Bypass highway’s construction has resulted in massive real estate
development in the surrounding areas. The highway has increased property appeal
by improving connectivity in previously sparsely populated areas.

Ruiru is the
fast-growing city to invest your money. Development of Tatu city, Kenyatta
university, and Brookside Dairy has made this place good for residential and
commercial investments.

50×100 plot that were sselling for shs.500,000-shs.70,0000 in Kona three years
ago are now selling for more than double that. This is due to the tremendous
developments coming up in the surrounding areas.

In Kamakis,
residential plots around 2Kms from the road have more than doubled in price to
sell at an average of 3 million for residential plots.


6.     Tinga

 If you looking for
plots for sale with ready title deeds in Kenya near Nairobi CBD with prices
below Ksh 200,000, Tinga town offers exactly that. Tinga town is located a
distance of an hour’s drive from Nairobi CBD along Magadi road which is set to
be expanded.  The town is after Ongata Rongai and Kiserian towns and
the area enjoys modest schools, hospitals, police station, water and
electricity among other social amenities.

The greater southern bypass
is set to open the area even more in the near future

7.     Nanyuki

Nanyuki is
located in Laikipia county. It has Ranches, conservancies, and pastureland
which have long dominated the landscape. Investors are transforming this into a
real estate market and vacation destination.

The town
benefits from its diverse hospitality. Because of the high demand, Nanyuki has
attracted housing developments that will provide a home in Nairobi’s affluent

Many real
estate companies have set foot in and around Nanyuki, bought slightly bigger
parcels and subdivided them into smaller eighth of acre portion which the local
middle and low population could afford. For instance Nanyuki Properties sell eight acre plots at approximately ksh.
500,000 which are affordable and located in various places around Juakali,
Ereri, Endana etc.

more: why you should invest in Nanyuki


8.     Matuu

 Matuu is a growing town located in
Machakos County
. It is midway between Nairobi/ Kitui en route to
Garissa. The town has experienced rapid growth in real estate investments
in recent years. It has now become one of the largest urban centres in Machakos
County. It has become an economic hub of the surrounding constituencies
and a key transit centre to Nairobi, Thika and parts of Central and Eastern

If you are looking for
plots for sale in Kenya with prices below Ksh 200,000, Matuu is the place to
invest in

9.     Kikuyu Areas

Due to
expansion of Waiyaki way and the Southern Bypass, Kikuyu has emerged as a real
estate hotspot in Kenya.
The proximity to Nairobi
CBD and amenities such as good schools, and hospitals have played a very big
role in making kikuyu to be more attractive.

Places to
consider buying land in Kikuyu include Limuru, Kabete, ondiri and Kinoo areas. he
average price of land for sale in Kikuyu, Kiambu is KSh 3,200,000 per plot. The
most expensive land costs KSh 9,500,000 per plot depending on location.


10.  Malindi

Malindi and Watamu villages are known for their wonderfull Indian Ocean
beaches, which are among the best and most picturesque in Kenya.
The average price of land
for sale in Malindi Town, Kilifi is KSh 150,000 per plot.

reasons to invest in Kilifi and Malindi



If you are operating under
a low budget do not lose hope of being a land owner. There are other upcoming
towns that can be considered as the cheapest places to buy land in
Kenya. These are the areas you can add to your shopping list:Malindi,
Konza and Naruru.

Despite the
fact that property prices in various areas are rising, the properties are still
affordable in the long run. Investing in these areas could be the best
investment decision you ever make in the coming years. There are 1000 Real Estate Agents  in our website  who
can help you buy land in any of these locations.

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