Types of Marketing Branding Strategy in Real Estate

In this article, we are going to discuss several types of brand strategies. We will also discuss why an effective brand strategy is essential for your company and what you offer to your target customers. This is much more than choosing the right color, your website setup, and also the management of your social media pages. All these involve a strategic approach that educates your target clients.

According to my experience, I get to learn that different types of strategies work for different types of businesses in real estate. With so many branding strategies to choose from, it can be very challenging to find a good match for your brand. The best way you need to start identifying is to define your brand identity. Let’s look at the different types of brands below.

·         Product Branding

·         Personal Branding

·         Service Branding

·         Online Branding

·         Co-Branding

·         No- Branding

1.      Personal Branding

These types of branding are always connected to public figures like social media influencers. This is connected with popularity and fame. The popularity aspect is a success to many entrepreneurs. So, one has to consider having a strong social profile that generates leads and builds a fanbase to help your business gain traction.

What one needs to know is that you don’t need to have millions of money to create a personal brand, But one can benefit from personal branding as a small start-up of a company or even as an employee. Ensure to create what you want to be known for while creating your brand and develop a strategy to promote yourself as an expert within that niche. Note that consistency and persistence pay off when building a personal brand.

2.      Product Branding

This is recognized in visions, images, colors, and words that set one product apart from others. A strong product brand understands its users, their desires, problem as well as competitors around them. For example, if we look at the Indian market, we find that they came up with a Cadbury, and for them to distribute the product in the whole country they had to come up with a brand.

They ensured that the taste was good with quality flavors in it and also considered the cost to help them in the selling of their product. One of the things that made their branding successful is that they actively listened to their clients and adapted according to the local market and its needs.

3.      Service Branding

Providing excellent service can be enough to develop a strong bond between you and your customers. The experience that you provide to your customers whether online or offline goes beyond your products.  Service branding has become more complex because of modern technology with a very high rate of expanding the number of communication channels.

Providing consistent quality across a dynamic set requires an omnichannel service strategy in real estate. A consistent provision of excellent service builds a strong brand on its own. It also reduces customers’ agitation, with results in good growth. This is something that many companies are struggling with within the current environment.

4.      Online Branding

Online branding is also known as internet branding and this refers to how you market your company online. This could mean establishing social media platforms, writing blog posts, or even having a website. Always ensure that everything is done under your name for easy access to your target clients.

The aim of all these is to market your brand and to make the process easier, ensuring the impact of marketing strategies to drive more efficient spending. In this case, headless CMS can allow you to control massaging and content to many channels through a single central dashboard.

5.      Co-Branding

This is a form of branding that connects companies together. Essentially co-branding is a marketing partnership between two or more businesses. With this, different companies will grow positively and it may result in spreading brand awareness and breaking into the new market.

6.      No- Branding

This type of branding is also known as minimalist branding. I discourage this type of branding in real estate because one needs to know that real estate is a field where branding should be encouraged for the growth of the company. No client will have interest in buying or selling with you if they have not seen or heard of your brand.


Different segments of home buyers have different needs, and you have to have in mind that you can’t meet all of your audiences standards. So, if you stick to one or two marketing strategies you won’t make a good achievement with your competitors. Try diversifying with three or more methods at a time because real estate has a lot of marketing strategies apart from the ones listed above.

We know that real estate agents wear many hurts. So, work with different companies that will help you learn more about branding and dealing with different businesses in real estate.

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