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Ultimate Guide on How to Secure Better Tenants in Kenya

In Kenya, the rental market can be highly competitive, and finding quality tenants is essential for the success of any landlord. To secure better tenants and ensure a profitable investment, landlords must take steps to attract and retain tenants who are reliable, responsible, and respectful of their rental properties. There are several strategies that landlords can use to improve the quality of their tenant pool and achieve long-term success in the rental market and all are discussed in this article.  

Characteristics of a good tenant

Before we look at the strategies landlords can use to secure better tenants, it’s important we first have a look at what characterizes a good tenant.

1.    Pays Rent on Time.

A good tenant always pays rent on time, without any reminders or delays.

2.    Respects the Property.

A good tenant takes care of the property and keeps it clean and well-maintained. They report any damages or repairs that are needed and don’t cause any damage to the property.

3.    Communicates Effectively.

A good tenant communicates effectively with the landlord or property manager. They keep them informed of any issues or concerns and respond promptly to messages or calls.

4.    Follows Lease Terms.

A good tenant follows the lease terms and abides by the rules and regulations of the property. They don’t violate any policies, such as smoking or keeping pets in a non-pet-friendly property.

5.    Has Good Credit and References.

A good tenant has a good credit history and positive rental references from previous landlords.

6.    Maintains a Good Relationship with Neighbors.

A good tenant is respectful and considerate of their neighbors. They do not cause any disturbances or noise complaints.

How Kenyan landlords can secure better tenants.

To get tenants with the above characteristics, then landlords can follow the following strategies.

1)  Thorough Tenant Screening.

Conducting a thorough tenant screening process can help landlords find the best tenants for their properties. This should include checking the tenant’s credit history, employment history, and rental references. By doing so, landlords can avoid renting to tenants with a history of late payments, evictions, or other red flags.

2)  Offer Competitive Rent Rates.

Pricing rental properties competitively can help landlords attract quality tenants. Landlords should research the local rental market to determine what rent rates are typical for their area and adjust their rent rates accordingly. Offering move-in specials or other incentives can also help landlords attract quality tenants.

3)  Improve Property Condition.

Keeping rental properties in good condition can help landlords attract quality tenants. Landlords should ensure that properties are clean, well-maintained, and free of any safety hazards. Making updates or renovations to properties can also help landlords attract quality tenants.

4)  Provide Excellent Customer Service.

Providing excellent customer service can help landlords retain quality tenants. This includes being responsive to tenant requests or complaints, communicating effectively with tenants, and being respectful of tenants’ privacy.

5)  Build a Strong Online Presence.

Building a strong online presence can help landlords attract quality tenants. This includes creating a website for rental properties, advertising properties on online classifieds or social media platforms, and responding promptly to online inquiries.

6)  Offer Amenities and Services.

Offering amenities and services can help landlords attract quality tenants. This could include providing parking, laundry facilities, or other amenities that are in demand in the local rental market.


Securing better tenants is an important goal for landlords in Kenya who want to achieve success in the rental market. By implementing the above strategies landlords can attract and retain tenants who are responsible, reliable, and respectful of their properties. This not only ensures a steady income stream but also makes property management easier and more profitable in the long run. By prioritizing the needs of their tenants and investing in the quality of their properties, landlords can establish a reputation for excellence and achieve success in the competitive rental market of Kenya. If you have found this article informative, kindly consider sharing it with landlords or anyone who will find it relevant for them to also have a chance to expand their knowledge on this topic. Thanks in advance.

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