10 Top Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

10 Top Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents dream of becoming successful. However,
not all are lucky to achieve this dream. To succeed in real estate, you need to
have a good network, work hard and combine this with excellent customer skills.
Most real estate agents opt to do real estate on a part time basis while also
doing other businesses.

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Kenya is
and we need to find
ways as agents
to go an extra
mile in order to stay current and ahead of the competition.
Nowadays, customers are more informed and
expect their agents to deliver
top notch
If you are not up to date on the latest trends and technologies,
you will end up making very few sales and disappointing your
s.  To ensure you succeed,
the tips below are invaluable
give your business the edge it deserves.

1.    Have expert local knowledge: when selling land and
any property, you need to have an in depth understanding of the local market. As
the saying goes, real estate is local. Within your area of expertise,
understand how prices have been moving in the neighbourhood, upcoming
development, government initiatives that are coming and any initiatives by the
county governments. Buyers are quick to judge if you have the right experience
and lack of it can be a deal breaker. Additionally, this additional information
that you provide to customers can determine if they will buy a property or not.

2.    Set Goals: Most real estate agents do not set goals. It is
important to set goals so that you have a way to track and measure progress on
whether you are in the right track. If you review and see you are not on the
right track, then you can make the necessary changes. When setting goals, be as
specific as possible. E.g. if you need to network, have a specific goal like ‘join
a networking group for real estate’. For the number of sales, have an estimated
goal of total sales you plan to make and the commission you intend to make. Be very
deliberate about what you really need to achieve within the year and have the
same in writing.  
 Sett goals for yourself or your company that
are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound
. While this does not guarantee success, it sure helps
you get close.

3.    Be Tech Savvy: To succeed,
you need to be up to date and using the latest technology. This includes
apps, social media, devices, software, and other tools to help you stay ahead of the competition.  Ensure that you buy enough data bundles so that you are always available online. Data helps you also in your research. Use technology to help you understand how to utilize social media and digital marketing tools. You can maintain your online presence using posting on social media, LinkedIn and having a well-done website.  Understand technology and utilize it to find multiple ways  generating leads.

4.     Networking:

Ability to network with other real
estate agents is just as important as ability to interact with customers. Have a
network of customers who rely on you for their real estate transactions. These customers
will form the basis of getting referrals for your business. remember, being a
real estate agent is not all about buying and selling of property. You need to
also have a network of other professionals like surveyors, contractors,
conveyancing lawyers who you can always work with as needed.

5.     Tenacity:
Most customers will
zove you if you show tenacity. Whenever something needs to be done, follow-up
quickly on action points. If you needed to send options like houses for sale,
do it as soon as possible. In case you need to have any documents cleared with
county governments, have this done quickly. Remember it’s not only about speed
of doing things. Its putting the extra effort and going the extra mile. Work
smart and always find ways to help customers overcome challenges so that they know
they have peace of mind.

6.    Believe in Yourself: – You need to believe in yourself so that clients can
believe in you.  If you show hesitation,
you will be unable to inspire trust and confidence from your customers. If you
make excuses every time, this can be interpreted as a red flag and lead to
potential clients looking elsewhere for another agent.

7.    Respond Promptly: as an agent, you need to reply promptly in case you
want to show yourself as a reliable agent. When enquiries come through from
customers, be on top of the same. In case you need more time, kindly alert the
customer of this. Remain reachable on communication avenues whether on text message,
phone calls, 
emails, text messages, or social media.

8.    Be Professional: – Maintain a professional appearance. Be well groomed
and show professionalism.
Have a business card so you can easily
give it to potential clients.
In case you need to have an office, ensure you have one that looks professional. Also ensure your name on social media pages is professional. Business relies a lot on how
you have branded yourself. So, if you want to be taken seriously, show
professionalism and that way you will betaken
seriously and will help in getting referrals from people.

9.    Passion: – You need to show an ability to go the extra mile to
obtain properties for your customers
within their budget and preferences. Real estate is tough. To avoid becoming frustrated,
you need to have a passion for real estate. This passion will help you through
the hard times.
real estate
agents are enthusiastic about what they do.

10. Utilise Social Media: – As a property agent, consider the internet your friend because, the larger your
network, the wider the number of people you will be able to reach.
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,
Whatsapp, and LinkedIn are powerful tools in the hands of a real estate agent.

11.  Make your
Health and Wellness Priority: –
With all the running around needed in real estate, you need to be fit.
Always have a strong baseline of health by getting enough sleep, exercising,
and valuing nutrition, that would give the energy or inclination to tackle
another day.

Many new real estate agents never make it through their first two years. Knowing when to pursue new tactics will help you create a successful real estate career. We hope the above tips help.

How To Be Successful Real Estate Agent in Kenya.

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