How to Renew a Professional Account on Ardhisasa

Upgraded accounts are to be annually renewed to capture the current version of your practicing certificate. To renew a professional account, you need to have upgraded your private account.

Here is the process of renewing a professional account.

1.      Log in to the using your user credentials (identification number or Ardhisasa ID) and account password.

2.      Enter the one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered phone number or email to access your account.

3.      On the left-hand menu bar, click on Account to access your account settings.

4.      Within the account settings page, click on the Upgrade Account tab.

5.      You will find a list of all past applications related to upgrading or renewing your account.

6.      Applications are categorized by profession, date added, status, and the required action. The status Pending means your application is awaiting feedback from the ministry staff. Approved status indicates a successful application, and your account is now upgraded or renewed. Rejected status means the application was unsuccessful, often due to issues with registration, admission, or license numbers, or outdated documents.

When the timeline for obtaining new practicing certificates has lapsed or professional accounts get deactivated and the user is notified of the same.

7.      To renew your account, click on the View button next to the pending application.

You’ll be directed to the details page, showing your request status and application details.

8.      Click on the Renew button at the top right corner of the screen.

9.      A pop-up box will prompt you to upload your current practicing certificate.

10.  Upload the document and enter your registration, admission, or license number as stated in the certificate.

11.  Click Close on the pop-up box to complete the application.

12.  Refresh the account upgrade page to see your newly made application.

13.  If the status is Pending, the application is awaiting action from the relevant department.

14.  You will receive a notification on your account when a response is received.

15.  To check the response, click on the notification bell or revisit the View button on the account upgrade page.

16.  If approved, your new practicing certificate will be updated, and transactions for the current year can be processed.

17.  If rejected, reasons for the rejection will be visible in the comment section.

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