Real Estate Marketing Strategies in Kenya

To create awareness of your real estate business, then marketing has to play a great role in the business.  Today’s investments are highly competitive and for you to stay in business of real estate investment, being smart and having the correct strategies will keep you sustained profits. With the increased technology, finding the right marketing strategies while still being persistent will have you achieve your long term goals and objectives. 

Engaging with Professionals

First, an essential way of building up clients in real estate industry is to have professionals that are experienced by your side. This will ensure the trustworthiness of clients. By them making a great review of you, it is easy to create a group of online clients. This increases your chances of online marketing especially on your local marketing strategy. Great marketing skills will lead to faster selling of property and that is all we all need. Being innovative and creative in marketing can help you network easily.

Content Marketing

Another way of marketing your real estate business is engaging in content marketing. Content marketing is where you hire external sources to market on your behalf.  It helps you bring a lot of people to talk about you. Visitors write blogs that would promote your content and this is one of the most ideal ways of marketing.  Such kind of marketing should have very professional standard that is unique, innovative and creative so that it can easily link up to other professional sites, so that they can talk about you in their blogs. As much as people would talk about your work on their blogs, remember you need to have content by yourself in your website too.

Referrals Platform

Third way of marketing you real estate business is by creating a platform that would attract referrals. Real estate business is a huge process and requires referrals to different sectors that is, the lawyer, the seller, the buyer, the agents and all categories of people involved. You could make your webpage in such a way that after some successful transactions, your client could refer their friends. Similarly, you could engage clients directly by telling them to help spread the word about your work. In order to appreciate such referrals, you could give ‘appreciation tokens’ to clients who refer their friends to you. This will keep you sustained in the real estate investment. 

Creating a Proper Brand Awareness

Another creative way of marketing your real estate business in Kenya includes creating a brand awareness.  This also includes the naming of your company. The name can easily attract clients which will similarly attract clients. Focusing on your brand awareness and having a creative logo helps attract clients. Looking at your brand professionally makes it easier to build your real estate business.  Brand awareness helps you convey a message to your clients.


Blogs are similarly another way of marketing in real estate industry.  Writing about local market trends, focusing on letting your clients know what is advantageous over the other in the market, helping them identify the favorable markets can equally increase your chances of success in the business. It is important to understand the content you deliver to tour clients in your blogs. Be knowledgeable and of value to what you deliver to your clients.  This will increase you level of searches in the real estate markets as well as increasing your popularity.

Professional Website

Creation of a professional website is also another way of real estate marketing. List all the important information that you may need and how clients would easily get to you.  This will enhance your marketing skills. Also, keep the web page active. Updating your clients on what you have listed will help them understand what you are offering and will have few details that would need clarification. In your webpage, do not forget to add clear photos and videos. Visualizing of property market is one of the biggest ways that would attract a client. Provide information that is professional and profitable to your clients.

Finally, good marketing strategies will keep you in business.  It is essential to note that strategies change over time and property trends also change over time. Being creative is what that will keep you in business.  Also being knowledgeable will profit you a long way.

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