7 Places in Nairobi Metropolis where you can buy land for under Ksh1, 000, 000.

Are you looking forward to making prime commercial or residential developments within the Nairobi metropolis where land sells for under Ksh1, 000, 000? Well, if yes, this is the right article for you, as I have listed 7 different areas you should consider checking out in this quest.

1.   Kangundo road.

Kangundo road should definitely be your fast destination as there are plenty of vacant plots for sale in different areas. It is located 19 kilometers from Nairobi Central Business Division (CBD).

Some of these areas you can choose from are; Kamulu, Joska, Malaa, Kantafu, and Ruai, all along Kangundo road route. In these areas, a 50* 100 plot of land goes from as low as Ksh500, 000.

2.   Kitengela.

Kitengela is located in Kajiado County 19 kilometers from Nairobi CBD in the southern side. It is one of the fastest-growing towns in Kenya. In areas such as Acacia, KAG area, and Nonkopir you can get a 50*100 plot of land from as low as Ksh650, 000. Due to the availability of land in Kitengela, its proximity to Nairobi town, availability of all essential amenities, and security, Kitengela has some of the best places to buy land in the Nairobi metropolis.

3.   Juja farm.

Juja farm is located approximately 39 kilometers from Nairobi town. Administratively, it lies within Kiambu County, Juja constituency and Juja ward. Here a town-size plot of land (50*100) goes from as low as Ksh450, 000.

Juja farm is one of the fastest growing towns in Kiambu County due to several reasons, among them, being, the availability of all essential amenities and the expansions of roads such as the 30 kilometers Juja farm road.

4.   Kiserian.

Kiserian is located 28 kilometers from Nairobi town. It is in Kajiado County at the boundary of Kajiado west and Kajiado South constituencies. In areas such as Corner baridi, Ewuaso, Birika, Oloirien a 50* 100 plot of land goes from as low as Ksh500, 000.

5.   Ngong.

Ngong is located in Kajiado County 34 kilometers from Nairobi town. It is among the fastest-growing towns in the country. In areas such as Ngaroj, Olmaroroi and Kimuka, a 50*100 plot of land can go for as low as Ksh450, 000.

6.   Ongata Rongai.

Ongata Rongai is located in Kajiado county 18 kilometers south west of Nairobi town. In areas such as Kandisi, Tuala, and Rangua a 50*100 plot of land goes from as low as Ksh700, 000.  

7.   Athi River

Athi River is located in Machakos County, 27 kilometers from Nairobi town. It is named after the Athi River, which passes through it. The town is also known as Mavoko town.

A 50* 100 plot of land here can go from as low as Ksh600, 000.


Nairobi town is among the fastest-growing cities in Africa. The demand for land in or close to the city is very high thus the price also goes too high. Due to this reason, most people prefer to build or settle in less expensive satellite towns.

Buying land is a lifetime decision that should never be made in haste. It’s always advisable to do thorough research and I hope this article was of great help in your first step of deciding where to buy land around the Nairobi Metropolis.

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