Kitengela Neighborhood Guide : All You Need to Know

Kitengela is located approximately 30 kilometers South of Nairobi’s central business district. Administratively, it is a ward in Kajiado East Constituency, Kajiado County, and is within the Nairobi Metropolitan.

In the last census conducted year 2019, Kitengela was named among the fastest-growing satellite towns in Kenya. This article is going to give an overview of Kitengela town.

Map of Kitengela neighborhood

Places of worship in Kitengela

Full Gospel 

AIC Kitengela

PCEA Kitengela Township

Jubilee Christian Church

Christian Foundation Fellowship Kitengela

ACK Holy Trinity Church Kitengela

International Christian Centre

Kitengela Church of the Nazarene

Kitengela Methodist Church

VOSH Church Intl Kitengela

Africa Inland Church Kitengela

Deliverance Church Kitengela

Neno Evangelism Centre Kitengela

Healthcare services close to/in Kitengela.

Kitengela Sub County Hospital-         0711 441 409

Kitengela Medical services-     0727 151 821

Kitengela West Hospital-          0722 891 232

Kitengela Pona Hospital-          0721 502 644

The St. Pauls Hospital Kitengela-      0727 679 068

Scanlab Kitengela-          0717 177 991

Ufalme Hospital-  0718 900 229

LeMaiyan Hospital  Kitengela-           0715 675 361

Aga Khan University Hospital Kitengela-   0730 011 888

Getrudes Childrens Hospital Kitengela-     0709 529 008      

Fitness center/ gyms in Kitengela

Goodlife Gym Kitengela-           0723 629 478

Maisha Bora Gym Kitengela-   Derrick House Contact.0701 101320

Sims Fitness Centre-      0728 726 032

Kitengela Community Gym-    0711 780 030

Kehl Fitness Gym- 0717 031 698

Beauty/SPA Parlour in Kitengela

Palace Beauty Parlour

Jakes Executive Barber, Salon, and Spa- Kitengela Mall

Pride Inn Beauty Parlour and Nail Spa Kitengela

Lipsy Massage Parlour Kitengela

Zen Spa

Harmony Min Spa- Kitengela mall, 2nd floor, Room S1, Wing A

Bellas Nail and Beauty Spa

Education institutions in Kitengela


Hairmusters Beauty College, next to Pona Hospital

Islamic University of Kenya

Coast Technical College- Kitengela Campus

Kitengela Institute of Management Studies

Sensei Institute of Technology

Kitengela Lifeline institute

East Africa College of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Foresight College

Sontana Computer College

Brightwood Institute of Accountancy

KCA University. Kitengela Campus

Path Insitute of Technology and Entrepreneurship

The East African University Kitengela Campus

Honeybee Baking and Cookery School

Kitengela Institute of Professional Studies


Kitengela Boys High School

Kitengela Girls Highschool

Gladphil School

Excel Girls Highschool

Noonkopir Girls Secondary School

Kitengela International Girls School

Newlight Senior Girls School

Primary schools

Kitengela International Schools

The Orchad School Kitengela

Muthenya Junior Academy

Kauti Academy Primary School

Acacia Crest Senior School

Saropa Bells Academy

Kitengela Academy

St. Lilyanna preparatory school

The Ark Junior School

Entertainment joints in Kitengela

Club 034- The pride of Kajiado

Club Nomads

Avarlone Lounge

Halcyon Lounge and Grill

Club 360

Club 411

The interlop Bar

Pavillion XV Kitengela

Rental houses in Kitengela

Single rooms      Ksh3, 500 to Ksh4, 500,

Bedsitters           Ksh5, 500 to Ksh7, 500

One-bedroom     Ksh10, 000 to Ksh13, 000.

Two bedroom      Ksh12, 500 to Ksh16, 000

Internet providers In Kitengela

Safaricom Home Fibre

Jamii Telecommunications Limited

Poa Internet

Wavelink Networks

Medali Network Internet solutions- 0718 631 821

Fastnet Airfiber Internet-0729 008 434

Syokinet Internet

Meganet Technologies

Advantages of living in Kitengela

Proximity to Nairobi CBD

The close proximity of Nairobi CBD from Kitengela allows residents to enjoy the benefits of living a city life such as access to employment opportunities, access to services and amenities while still residing in a more serene and suburban environment.

Growing infrastructure

In recent years, Kitengela has experienced notable infrastructural developments such as improved road networks, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, educational institutions, and recreational amenities all indicating a promising town future and residents’ quality of life.


The price of properties in Kitengela is relatively low compared to other parts close to Nairobi CBD. The rental prices are also pocket friendly to most residents.

Available employment opportunities

Kitengela is home to many companies and organizations that have absorbed and continue to absorb thousands of employees. Its strategic location also makes it easy for residents to commute to work to other surrounding areas with more job opportunities.

Bare land and plots for sale

For those interested in land ownership, construction of dream homes, or other real estate development projects, then Kitengela offers a range of bare land and plots for sale at an affordable price.

Affordable construction materials

Kitengela is home to many quarries and building material suppliers providing affordable materials for construction to residents.

Disadvantages of living in Kitengela


Kitengela is situated in a semi-arid environment making it prone to dust. Human movement, unpaved roads, and ongoing construction activities also contribute to dust accumulation in most areas of Kitengela.


Like with any other growing town Kitengela faces security concerns. It is therefore important for residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities/ individuals to the police.

Traffic congestion

During peak hours there usually is traffic congestion along Namanga highway. This usually is so due to its narrow condition and also due to the fact that it’s the only main road serving Kitengela town.

Inadequate water supply

Since the supply of water by Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company to Kitengela was stopped, residents have suffered water shortage issues. They now mainly depend on salty borehole sources.


Kitengela is an attractive destination for students, individuals, and families looking for a balanced lifestyle. Even though it has a fair share of challenges it is generally a good place to call home.

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